First Fully Open Native Ad Platform Launched by Bidtellect


Bidtellect is a native advertising technology and solutions company founded in 2013.  Over the past year they have began providing advertisers with access to native ads and a variety of tools used to improve marketing effectiveness.  They have recently announced their latest innovation, which is their Native Marketing Platform.  They describe the platform as ‘a next-generation, fully scalled Native exchange, which consists of the world’s first demand-side platform focused on enabling advertisers to easily access and scale native ad inventory.’

They have the ability to connect marketers to all types of native advertising, such as content recommendation, custom units, in-feed ads and more.  The platform is already accessing tens of thousands of supply sources for their ads, and receiving over 100,000,000 bids on their native inventory each day.  They expect to serve over a billion bids per day on this exchange by the end of 2014.

Bidtellect CEO, Lon Otremba, said “Bidtellect was founded with the mission to facilitate efficiency in Native Ad buying and delivery across the web.  We understand that native is the most efficient, effective, affordable and scalable digital advertising medium since search, but it is also one of the most challenging to buy, sell and fully comprehend.  Our DSP tools, real-time bidding platform and expert team, work together to demystify the medium and allow brands to activate profitable campaigns at scale.”

That platform is enjoying success because of the way it utilizes proprietary algorithms to identify ad choices based on a variety of factors including context, behavior, time of day, day of week, type of device and many other points of information.

They hope the platform will be used by marketers to help improve the results of their campaigns, and get superior return on investment for all their advertising dollars.

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