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Former Google Employee Claims Massive Adsense Fraud

According to a letter posted on, from someone claiming to be a former employee of Google, the multi-billion dollar company has been engaging in massive amounts of fraud when it comes to paying publishers. The letter, published completely anonymously details a plan hatched by managers at Google in order to grow the revenue in the company’s Adsense division.

The letter states that in 2009 managers were ordering the cancelation of adsense publisher accounts:

So they were going to (in their words) “carry out extreme quality control on AdSense publishers”. When one of my fellow co-workers asked what they meant by that. Their response was that AdSense itself hands out too many checks each month to publishers, and that the checks were too large and that needed to end right away. Many of the employees were not pleased about this (like myself). But theywere successful in scaring the rest into thinking it would be their jobs and their money that would be on the line if they didn’t participate. The meeting left many confused as to how this was going to happen.

What did they mean by extreme quality control? A few other smaller meetings occur with certain keypeople in the AdSense division that furthered the idea and procedure they planned on implementing.There were lots of rumors and quiet talking amongst the employees, there was lots of speculations,some came true and some didn’t. But the word was that they were planning to cut off a large portion of publisher’s payments.

The detailed letter goes on to detail an alleged plan by Google managers that lasted for years, involving flagging accounts over a certain amount before they were paid and then refusing payment based on false quality control claims. If these accusations are even remotely true, Google could be facing some serious issues and the managers involved could be facing criminal actions.

What are your experiences with Google? Do you have any reason to think this is true? You can view the full letter here


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