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61% of eMail Read on Mobile Devices

Everyone knows that mobile access to the Internet is continuing to grow in popularity and that more and more people are using smart phones and tablets as their primary way to access the web.  A new report from Movable Ink found that brand emails are being opened on mobile devices at a rate of 61%.  This, of course, has some important implications for marketers everywhere.  Not only do marketers need to make sure that their eMail looks good on mobile devices, but they need to ensure the pages that any links within the eMail also look good and are easy to use.

The report found that smart phones are the most popular way to read eMail, with 45.52% of all eMail being read on people’s phones.  In second place is the desktop computer, at 39.19%.  Tablets come in third place at 15.29%, but this number is growing quite quickly with each new report that comes out.

The report also broke down the devices that were used to access brand email.  iOS devices beat Android devices for reading brand emails with users being 15 times more likely to open a brand email on an iPad compared to any Android tablet.

In addition to just looking at where people are reading their email, the report also looked at how much time people are spending on each message.  Interestingly, people using Android phones spend the most amount of time on each message, with 50.55% of them spending 15 seconds or more per message.  In comparison, only 39.5% of those using iPhones spend 15+ seconds per message.  Users of the iPad spend the least amount of time per message, with 41.36% of users spending 0-3 seconds per message, on average.

With email marketing functioning as such an essential part of most marketers’ strategies, this information should be invaluable.  Customizing your messages to work best on mobile devices will help ensure people are taking the time to open and read your messages.  Once they’ve read through, the full websites should also be mobile friendly so they can be converted into buying customers.

See the full report here

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