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August 21st Penguin Algorithm Update?

While browsing through the various marketing forums, blogs and pages the last several days I’ve noticed some talk of some changes in rankings by many site owners.  Most people seem to be pointing to a possible algorithm change by Google on or around August 21st.  Even several websites dedicated to monitoring the SERPs for thousands of keywords (in an attempt to figure out when algorithm changes are made) had alerts on this date.

Of course, Google has not made any sort of announcement to confirm or deny the changes.  Google has said in the past that they would no longer be commenting on these types of changes, so that really isn’t a surprise.  Many people will remember, however, that when a change was made recently, Google did confirm the change; despite saying they would no longer comment on them.  As all marketers know, you can never predict what Google will and won’t do.

The question remains, however, was there an actual algorithm update on or around August 21st, or is it just speculation and rumors across the Internet Marketing community?  If there was a change, it was clearly fairly small in scope because only a relatively small number of sites appear to have been affected.  The specific area where the changes would have been made is also unclear because, at least as of this writing, I haven’t been able to find any clear reports of which keywords, niches, or domains are suspected of being impacted.

Have you experienced any fluctuations in your rankings over the past week?  If so, please share what you saw, and what your thoughts are as to why.  Including any specific information you were able to gather may be useful to other marketers trying to figure out potential changes.

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