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SEO is Going to Die More, Says Matt Cutts

No, I am not obsessed with Matt Cutts. I barely even know him. We once shared a drink and then… well. that’s another story…Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released a video to help answer many of the questions webmasters have been asking over the past several weeks.  He focused primarily on what webmasters and SEO professionals can expect in the near future regarding what types of things will help, and what will hurt as far as ranking in Google’s results goes.

The video contained ten specific areas and how they will affect the future of SEO for virtually every type of site.  It is no surprise that the main theme of the video is that black hat strategies will continue to be penalized and good sites who follow the rules will benefit.  Here is a quick overview of the points Matt made in his video:

  • Penguin Updates – Google will continue to tweak their penguin updates starting with a big change expected to go live in the next few weeks.  This update is supposed to have an even bigger impact than the original penguin update.  Naturally, this will make some people happy and others angry, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
  • Advertorials – Sites using advertorials to attempt to inflate their overall link profile were penalized earlier this year.  Even more action against this type of link building is going to be coming out later this year.
  • Spam Queries – Some keywords tend to attract black hat techniques more than others.  Terms like payday loans, for example, are flooded with hundreds of low quality sites.  Due to requests from outside of Google, these types of terms are going to be getting the attention of Matt’s spam team.
  • Upstream Targets – Link builders have been using layered ‘networks’ to avoid getting punished by Google for their unnatural link building.  Google is going to start looking upstream at where the links are coming from and punishing those who are building unnatural link networks.
  • More Sophisticated Link Analysis – This point was perhaps the most interesting of all of them.  Google claims they will be creating a more sophisticated profile of each site’s back links and where they are coming from.  This more detailed analysis will undoubtedly help them find black hat SEO strategies and penalize them as well.
  • Hacked Sites – Google will be implementing improvements on warning users of potentially hacked sites as well as notifying the webmaster so corrective action can be taken.
  • Authority Sites – It is no surprise to anyone that Google loves authority sites, and Matt made it a point to say that they will continue to give ranking boosts to authority sites.
  • Panda Smack – Google acknowledged that some of the sites which were hurt by the panda updates were really not true black hat sites and they will be working to ‘soften’ the impact this update had on some of these sites.
  • Multiple of Same Domain in SERP – In an attempt to diversify the results on the first page of results Google is going to reduce the number of pages from the same domain that are displayed.
  • Webmaster Communication – Finally, Matt once again expressed his desire to have more open communication with webmasters so everyone can get the rankings they deserve.

Overall this was a very informative video and I highly recommend everyone take a look.  You can see the video in its entirety on YouTube here.


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Pesach Lattin

Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. I disagree with the statement “SEO is dead” – Search Engine Optimization has evolved and grown with the internet. No longer can you merely overweight your page to rank – now, you must overweight your entire online existence and allow the search engines optimization to find you because your relevant.

  2. yes this is true… this is because of the huge number of the other tools that start appears…. when i read this article i was so interested to share those notes in my comment because i like them a lot and a lot.. i talk about the points Matt made in his video:
    Penguin Updates
    Spam Queries
    Upstream Targets
    More Sophisticated Link Analysis
    Hacked Sites
    Authority Sites
    Panda Smack
    Multiple of Same Domain in SERP
    Webmaster Communication

  3. It is very good page posting in the site because in this built to the more information .So i like in this page.So thanks for the good page……………..

  4. SEO will never die because there is money involved. SEO will change, but it won’t die.

    As long as search engines rank websites, there will be those of us figuring out, or trying to figure out how the algorithm works and find ways to get to the top.

    The only other choice is to advertise–expensive to learn how to do properly.

    Or publish good content into a black hole and hoping for the SERP Gods somehow find and appreciate us.

    Google evolves, SEO evolves…


  5. Create good quality content that is useful to your readers and people shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

    When readers enjoy what they’ve read, usually they share the article which creates a natural backlink.

    I have no fear about the latest update that’s about to happen because I don’t do backhat or spammy things to trick the search engines.

  6. SEO isn’t dead – just the way we have to use it. Google is attempting to get “Quality Content” and “Authority” sites to show up more then spam. Its always an uphill battle because they are trying to use algorithm’s which can always get gamed.

    If you are still using some SEO techniques, and write good content for visitors/readers and not bots? Your site will be safe – but you will still need to market the crap out of your site to get visitors.

    Bottom Line? Stop depending on Google and start working on your community to outlast antything Google might toss at you.

  7. I disagree with the title as what MAtt has said in video is ranking factors going to be more smater which in turn says that SEO is going to be an intelligent industry. The people who were just doing massive linkbuilding or buying the links to get PR or ranking will no more be there. So pull of your shoes for new challenges and start using your brain. That’s it. And if we talk about SEO will die or not, I would just say SEO will never die ig web is changing so rapidly. Lots of websites get launched day by day which increase competition so SEO will be there to help those people to make their websites as per the search engine standards and be in the market. As all the people having website are not aware of search engine standard so they will in need of a professional SEO and it has been also mentioned by Matt in one of his video that SEO is good and help webmasters to make their website more Search engine friendly. So tadaaaa… SEO wont die ever, it will just become smarter day by day

  8. If seo is dead then whose site will come on top and how will google survive in search business ???

    It is a big business, in every area there are rumours which are far awary from reality

    Smart people are always think ahead of problems and prepare solutions for them >>> better known as leaders

  9. Back in 2010, a friend and I started a blog in the health and fitness niche. We wanted to engage our readers to promote healthier lifestyles, so we started to offer people the opportunity to write guest posts.
    It’s been a mixed blessing… The supply of guest content has been overwhelming to say the least. We only publish high quality submissions that are informative and not promotional.
    What’s interesting is that within the first year, our site was getting 250, 000 + monthly page views. Over the next two years, despite the number of unique posts more than trippling, our month page views are around 180,000 (and continuing to decline)
    We’re trying to figure out what’s gone wrong… We know it’s not from manipulative or black hat SEO tactics… because we don’t do any SEO (of any type). 🙂
    What I do know is that we used to have about 10 anchor posts that ranked number one on Google and drove steady traffic every month. Now, we’re down to one and it’s dropped from number one to three resulting in most of that traffic drying up.
    In terms of our goals, well we don’t care about specific keywords since we don’t sell products, however, we do care about search traffic in general because we monetize our site with ads–in part to cover our substantial hosting fees (we have a dedicated server).
    One possibility I’ve heard is that Google is targeting sites that allow guest posting since they apparently see it as the ‘new article marketing spam.’ What are your thoughts?

  10. Ohh yes indeed !! The penguin, the pands, contents and many more things to which we will have to look. Matt is saying true about the SERP and you mentioned it at a very great value. so thanks to you mate.

  11. Matt Cutts DID NOT SAY that SEO is dying and your headline is extremely misleading.

    He listed a number of incentives that Google is making to ensure that the most useful websites, that take the time to give their target audience exactly what they want, win.

    Billions of daily worldwide searches in Google for information, products and services is not a sign of an industry collapsing.

    On the contrary, the SEO and online marketing are only now beginning to wake up to the reality of what the future has in store. People have 2 x options – holistic online marketing or simply join the list of websites that are never found online…

      1. Maybe Pace. Even so, a less sensationalist title should have been used instead, especially when quoting Matt Cutts!

        “Google’s SEO Summer Smackdown” would have done nicely..

  12. The problem with what Google is doing to its tilting their search ranking algorithm in favour of large companies with:
    – dedicated employees creating content or large budgets to pay for external content generation
    – dedicated employees engaged in social networking
    – offline influence with independent authority sites (newspapers, associations, councils, etc) because of their size and offline ‘political lobbying’ rather than the merit of their products / services
    – the budget to buy what appears to be independent influence, e.g. by giving product / service in return for online reviews

    Hands up anyone who wants to see the top ranking positions dominated by Amazon, ebay, wikipedia, comparison sites….

    1. No, Google are improving their search ranking algo to reward good information, valuable resources and user experience, regardless of business size..

      Tip: become an authority in your niche. Yep, really own it. Become the go-to place for all things . Write about it, provide kick-ass info to help people overcome problems.

      Google will connect the dots and reward you..

  13. If SEO dies, online businesses will follow.

    SEO is a massive part of ecommerce; we have a client whose online revenue has almost halved because of Penguin etc, but punishing SEO altogether will leave Google in a very sticky situation I would think.

  14. The title is completely off and this is nothing new. Matt is always saying the same thing over and over. *YAWN*

  15. Don’t you think your title is misleading? SEO is going to die more says Matt Cutts?

    Instead of SEO dying, what Google is doing right now is actually putting SEO where it should be.

  16. What Google spam team is trying to do is to filter out Blackhatters and Spammers. SEO cannot die but will be re-frame itself as Internet marketing.

  17. Irresponsible headline that bears no resemblance to the content of the article.

    SEO is going to get harder all the time. Yes.

    Also, please explain to me in good English how something can die more?

  18. SEO would not die, rather it would be re-phrased as 360 degree branding or “Website optimization”. Google’s initiative is right and it must be implemented & be improved.

  19. Hey Michael,

    Weird title indeed!
    The new internet marketing will require SEO and social signals along with high quality unique content. We will have to bring some unique value to the topic or keywords. We will have to engage our niche audiences to be relevant in the conversation. After all is said and done, I wonder if building a million links is the best way to get traffic? With a million incoming links all won’t be relevant or targeted but it will be traffic search engines don’t control.

    Fred Tappan

  20. This attitude is going to cause them to start losing market share. Do they not understand 95% of their money comes from their searches?

    He is an idiot!

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