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PR Giant Vocus Shows Ignorance of Pop Culture

If you are advertising yourself as a compete package for “social, search, email and PR,” you better have a really good team behind your own social media promotions. This isn’t really a huge disaster, like perhaps confusing Eddie Griffin with President Obama, but it still shows that someone wasn’t watching what they were doing.

Vocus posted on Facebook a comment about Vin Diesel and then put a picture of… the Rock.


The problem with this isn’t so much the mistake, but who made the mistake: the experts in Social Media PR. If you are pushing yourself as an expert, you need to be extra careful about your knowledge of pop culture. I don’t really care about the difference between Vin Diesel and the Rock, but similar mistakes could make your clients look bad. Can you imagine if they were hired by a political organization and weren’t paying attention and put a photo of a guy dressed up like a Nazi shaking their candidates hand?  What about putting the wrong photo of someone in an obituary?


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Jennifer Selleck

Jennifer is a former NYC based model turned business woman, and the Host of PMI-TV. She is best known for her role as a witty commentator on Facebook who doesn't take crap from anyone

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