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How to Date Super Model Nina Agdal

Dating a model, let a lone a famous super model doesn’t seem to be in many people’s cards. Although I do sincerely believe that anyone can work really hard and become what they want to be, especially highly successful with a certain mindset, let’s be completely honest that most of us aren’t going to get lucky with a model, let alone of the most desirable super models in the world right now.

Or perhaps I’m completely wrong.

Somehow Aphrodite must have been shining down on California teen Jake Davidson, because he got swimsuit beauty Nina Agdal to join him for his prom, after Kate Upton turned him down because of “conflict issues.”

This teenager managed to show up to his high-school prom with probably the most beautiful woman there, if not the most beautiful woman that had ever been there.


Why? Because he just asked.

He wanted to take someone special and different to his prom and decided to get on YouTube and ask around. His first choice was slightly zaftig model Kate Upton… and I think honestly he scored a lot better with his second choice.

So, what does this have to do with business, let alone business?

Simply put, focus on a goal and make it happen. Do what you need to do to find a way, innovative if necessary to go beyond what you think you can do, and find a way to do it. I can’t promise that you will hit every goal that you want, but if you keep your eye on the ball, you will hit a lot more home runs than otherwise.

This doesn’t mean stalking beautiful women, but it does mean finding ways to get more than you thought you could in life.

Also, to be honest, with all the stupidity out there there, the drama on the internet, one of the best ways to ignore it is simply by focusing on what you need to do and ignoring the haters.

 Not sure if Jake got lucky that night, but I’m sure either way it was a night to remember that only a few of us can dream of.

Still, stop making it a dream and focus on making it a reality.

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