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Primary Mobile Users Run Twitter

Since the social media boom began, Twitter and Facebook have been the names the have led the way in marketer interest. Each has its own unique benefits to offer to advertisers, and each has brought great success to advertisers. This is in essence due to the kind of people that use these social networks, and the ways that advertisers choose to target these social users. Although Facebook has created a substantially greater number of tools for marketers to work with, Twitter still does a great job at helping advertisers reach the social consumers. Twitter recently released the details of a brand new study that the company commissioned from Kantar Media’s Compete, and it shows some detailed information about Twitter’s “primary mobile users.”

These primary mobile users Twitter refers to are those that engage with Twitter much more frequently on the mobile web than on the desktop web. These users are 57 percent less likely to use Twitter on desktop than other Twitter users. However, at the same time these users are 86 percent more likely to use Twitter a few times each day than other Twitter users. Therefore, we can see that the Twitter users that marketers should be showing the most interest are these primary mobile users, as they make up a large chunk of the network’s engagement and activity.

However, the insight from Twitter’s study does not end there. We also learn from the results a bit about the age of these primary mobile users. These users, according to the study results, tend to be a bit on the younger side when compared to the average Twitter user. When compared to the other age groups, those users that are ages 18-34 were found to be 52 percent more likely to use Twitter on their mobile devices significantly more often than on their desktop.

Now that we know that the amount of users that visit Twitter primarily through mobile is relatively high, and that a huge number of these users are of a younger age group, the study tells us just how these young mobile users are using the network. Apparently, these primary mobile users are 57 percent more likely to post original tweets than are the average Twitter users. Also, they are 78 percent more likely to retweet posts on Twitter, and 85 percent more likely to favorite the Tweets of others. Finally, these users are 63 percent more likely to click on links in their Twitter feeds.

Arguably more important though, is that these users are 96 percent more likely than the average user to follow a total of 11 or more brands. With these users being more likely to follow brands on Twitter, marketers should be able to clearly see the value that they hold with them, as they are the users that should be targeted more heavily. These mobile users are also 58 percent more likely to remember Twitter ads that they have seen, which makes them really the overall perfect target for advertising.

These primary mobile users are where the attention should be directed, as they are young, they retweet quite often, they remember the ads that they see on the network, and they are much more likely to follow brands than any other Twitter users. It is in Twitter’s mobile platform that more marketing effort should be put forth.

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