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Data Hygiene Company Quickie Rebrands

Quickie Marketing Inc. (QMI), a leading data hygiene company, announced today that it has rebranded. QMI will begin operating under the new trade name effective immediately. With the adoption of its new brand and logo, QMI has simultaneously launched their redesigned website The rebrand is the positive outcome of the company’s broadening global footprint, unprecedented growth, increasing recognition in the industry and the hiring of a new CEO. The rebranding will continue to build and foster the company’s unparalleled dedication to offering the world’s most innovative data hygiene technology solutions.

Founded in 2003, Quickie Marketing created “The Viral Spiral” internet marketing newsletter and continued as a full time publisher until 2007 when they built their list hygiene server. Today, removes threats from all types of email marketing lists and caters to hundreds of list owners and publishers worldwide. With the growing numbers of clients, employees, and partnerships,, will utilize its extensive multiplatform and development knowledge to generate an increasing number of data solutions in the coming months.

“ re-branding represents our evolution and direction,” said CEO, Lara Wettig. “Clients are gravitating toward us because of our cutting edge data hygiene service, so it makes sense for us to incorporate hygiene as part of our company name. This change is also a logical step in our succession and gives us an umbrella under which we can continue to expand our products and services during our next phase of growth and development. It’s an important step to better communicate our value proposition.” has taken on a new direction with the launch of their redesigned website, “We wanted our website to reflect our style and innovative technologies as well as characterize as the premier provider of innovative data hygiene solutions,” continued Wettig.

The idea of rebranding QMI was raised in August when Wettig came on board. “We have some great momentum right now with no signs of slowing.  There may never be a better time to rebrand,” said James Carner, Founder.  “Our new brand identity is a logical step that communicates to both current customers and potential customers that we continue to provide products and services that consistently outpace our competitors,” he continued.  “Our new identity helps mirror the fact that we’re an innovative and forward-looking company with a commitment to ensure the success of every client we serve,” stated Wettig.

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