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Affiliate Reputation: In this Performance Marketing Insider interview, host Murray Newlands interviews Kevin De Vincenzi, aka “The ClickFather” from XY7 Elite about affiliate management and making sure you’re working with the right publishers and advertisers. For those who don’t know, Kevin is one of the top media buyers in the space, spending millions of dollars a month buying media on a CPM and arbitraging it.

In this day and age, one of the most common pitfalls for affiliate managers is dealing with fraudulent registrations and low-quality leads in PPL programs. Kevin’s solution is to only work with merchants and publishers that have a good reputation. Kevin’s network, XY7 Elite, selects only the best affiliates and publishers to work with so that merchants are only working with honest publishers and publishers are only working with reliable merchants. Watch what he has to say!

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a reporter with PMI-TV. Before that he was an affiliate marketer in England, trying his hand at making money online. Now he interviews people who make money online for a living!

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  1. There was a comment here that pace deleted how much were you paid by Kevin to remove it?

    Xy7 changed their name to move from the bad post about them type xy7 scam in google

    Pace protects those who pay him he did it copeac he does it with Clickbooth and will do it here for Kevin

    1. That is not why xy7 changed their name at all, they are not a scam network but if your not a “super affiliate” be prepared to be treated like crap because they are good for that they do have immoral practices of accusing smaller affiliate of fraud too, call it what ever you want I guess… Im not here to trash talk just to stay current with the industry and give my honest experiences and opinions when I feel necessary. However I do agree that pace will protect them by removing post even when the post is true he did it to me on a legit disagreement about Kevin’s post/ article found here>> http://pacedm2.wpengine.com/2012/02/scrubbing-is-a-scam-shame-on-you/ looks like I was working with the wrong group and they have a “good reputation”??

  2. This is a very ironic article for pace to post considering everyone hates him and he’s ruined his reputation. xywho?

    1. LOl…”Xywho”….yet you choose to still call the accounts you stole….nice try buddy. You will end up going belly up like most fly by nights….must have been nice having the DMA,EEC and BBB all get on your ass about fake seals huh? I am on to you so now go crawl back in your hole in La Hoya

      1. Quality response let me call you names

        All that response shows is both people are scum Kevin is saying he’s less of a scum

        Maybe pace needs to vet his people out a bit better

        1. Chad,
          I have no issues with you. If you have a challenge with your account please let me know I will do my best to get it rectified. We strive to achieve 100% Affiliate satisfaction although it is not always possible.


          1. Okay then pay me the $2,000 you owe me and quit sending me to Rhianna she is getting no where with “cj” or the other “guy” who brokered you the H&R Block campaign, I have contacted you directly by phone and you send me to Rhianna every single time… seems this is the only way to get a response from you personally. I Hate to say this because I really liked you but looking back I’m glad I didn’t send as much traffic as I did to the bigger networks over the 5 years I have been with xy7 because adknowledge, cj, and cxDigital have treated me way better and are paying me for the same traffic and offers I was recently running for you. Obviously you took no time to look into the situation yourself or you would know whats up and who I am?? I may not be a super affiliate but I’m no fly by night fraudster either so some type of agreement needs to be made asap.
            chad castle

  3. you should of just played the audio of kevin talking instead of looping the video of you nodding over top. garbage. or text questions with individual video replys? anything but this terrible editing job.

  4. you should of just played the audio of kevin talking instead of looping the video of you nodding over top. garbage. or text questions with individual video replies? anything but this terrible editing job.

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