Adscend Wins Some Against Wash AG

Just a few short months ago the Washington State AG got up and told the world about how Adscend Media was involved in some huge scheme on Facebook and announce they were going to be suing them for a bunch of money, alleging fraud, deceptive practices and some other things.

Well, just yesterday, the AG of Washington dropped most of the claims against Adscend Media voluntarily, leaving many people to wonder why they were filed at first. From the start, Adscend Media had claimed that the lawsuit was very strange and made no sense and their story is seeming to be more and more plausible.

Now the complaint against Adscend Media, found below, seems to have lost most of its bite and what is left is basically a CAN-SPAM complaint. This is a very, very curious turn of events, because it means that the Washington AG, before any court proceedings, decided that most of their original complaint was not valid.

Unfortunately, after filling this complaint the media went after Adscend Media, claiming incorrectly they were involved with Malware, Clickjacking and a whole host of problems.

I personally sincerely hope that the AG, after parading Adscend Media all over the media as a fraudster, issues an apology. It’s obvious that, as Adscend Media claimed from the start, they did not do their proper investigation work or even contacted Adscend Media to determine what was going on.

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Pesach Lattin

Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Air your personal grudges (justified or not) against Fez all u want but Fez is the only one who had the balls to stand up to FB and AG and not fold like all the p******* in this industry.

    1. Until you know the finer details of why and what the outcome was, then your argument is completely invalid. It is what it is.. Given that it took PACE to post something about it and you see nothing from their side.. a bent over deal is more the truth than any, so don’t go boasting about your precious crook.

    2. Personally I don’t believe Fez has any balls at all regarding the situation. He cried, sobbed and paid his way out of his troubles like most crooks. He probably took the money from affiliates to pay his Facebook tab.

      Nothing new here, AM is a small fry why do we even care.

  2. Right on gents, my biggest question is who cares but ill play along for a spot.

    Ali or Jeremy glad you guys at least take time to post shows you own what you do and say but some flat questions for you

    1. Everything says you settled by all the logic and you havent answered to all the accusations. So what was the settlement with Facebook? Its scary stuff since they obviously wont “drop” charges for nothing.

    2. If you sold out publishers its hard to admit legally but people are getting C&D’s now and talking up a storm. Did you have to disclose info on your pubs? Im sure youll get a lot of love down the line if you can at least give people the heads up.

    at the end of the day people get sued all the time. Good luck to you all but if were having a convo here lets answer the questions everyone wants to know. Ya?

    Also Pace you pitch pretty heavy and hard for Adscend and it shows here and on the forums there are a lot of networks out there but you show favoritism. People gripe that you even delete posts you dont like which is illegal itself.
    I dont care what you do but it does take the appeal out of your network here to know you have an agenda mate.

    PS I didnt care much but now Im seeing that youve locked the thread so that Adscend gets the last word? Pace you never do that.

    Now I care a bit more mate Ill be sure that everyone catches wind. Youre schilling for Adscend mate makes it obvious you get something out of it. Check with your legal council. I worked in the U.S for 9 years and know what im saying.

    1. Ripley, we pitch any and all stories that get us traffic. The rest of your comments are obviously incorrect, as you are able to comment here and it is neither deleted or “locked.”

  3. It’s truly pathetic that certain competitors of ours continue to engage in such unethical behavior in their war against us. Creating fake comments that suggest that we have publishers on our network actively engaged in the activities that have been alleged; making up claims of having large sums of money withheld or of receiving Cease & Desist orders from Facebook in connection with ongoing conduct. These are all bogus claims, and there is none of this activity on our network, so there could be no Cease & Desist orders warranted. Not to mention that we haven’t turned over any information, so obviously if there are any real publishers receiving C&Ds then it’s entirely due to what you must be doing on other networks (you know, the ones that actually DO allow this type of thing).

    We have seen this type of thing time and again. Clearly the competition knows that they can never be better than us, but that they can be lower than us. There’s no level that they won’t stoop to, be it public slander, DDoS attacks, or theft of trade secrets. But, we’re strong as ever, growing, and have our integrity. You may try but you can’t take that from us because the people that we work with know the truth. And publishers, and the industry, continue to recognize our leadership and superiority.

    Also, readers, you may want to follow the link in the article to the news regarding the AG case. The case is still active, so there obviously has not been a penny paid, yet they voluntarily withdraw 2/3 of their claims. This shows the weakness and falsity of it all.

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