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Adscend Media Says Facebook Allegations are Bunk

This past week, Facebook along with the Washington State Attorney general, sued Adscend Media claiming that they were defacto spamming Facebook with “likes.”  This is a curious extension of the CAN-SPAM laws, because it claims that likes, even when generated by other users, are somehow regulated by CAN-SPAM. Adscend Media, however has responded that they are not involved whatsoever with the claims being brought by Facebook, and has called them “absolutely and unequivocally false.”

“At no time did we engage in the activity alleged in the complaints. Adscend Media will provide a vigorous defense against these false claims,” the company said in a strongly worded statement released today.

Mark J. Rosenberg, the company’s attorney, said, “We find it deeply troubling that the Attorney General’s office made a public spectacle of these serious allegations without first questioning the company as part of its investigatory process and, even more inexplicably, without notifying the company that the complaint was being filed. Adscend Media first learned of the allegations from media inquiries.”

Both Facebook and the Washington State Attorney General have confirmed that this is indeed true: that neither company ever spoke to Adscend Media to ask them to stop, or to determine if the ads were indeed coming from Adscend Media.

Insiders are already pointing that this could be troubling to this lawsuit, because Adscend’s technology can be used by almost anyone to lock  content, and is accesable to any third party company to use. Facebook in order to claim that there was some violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions, and a violation of CAN-SPAM, would have to both determine if Adscend is actually involved with the “like-jacking” and then ask Adsend to take action against the publisher using the technology.

“Adscend Media strictly complies with its legal obligations under federal and state law. We are undertaking an investigation to determine whether any of Adscend Media’s affiliates engaged in the activity alleged by the Attorney General’s office and Facebook. If they did, we are fully certain that the activity was conducted without the company’s knowledge.” the statement continued.

“We are disturbed that the Attorney General’s office would allow public resources to be used in an irresponsible manner, particularly when these allegations are absolutely untrue and could do tremendous harm to Adscend Media’s reputation and business. Adscend Media is concerned about the source of these false allegations, and is fully prepared to take legal action if appropriate.”
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Pesach Lattin

Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Dudeeee & my brothas…There is no doubt that Facebook or any social network for that matter has scum spamming idiots taking advantage of their social platform. A place where most of us personally enjoy spending time, connecting with friends and family. FB is a great service regardless of where any of us stand on the current case pending, but that is not the issue at hand.

    1. I work with about every big network and a few of the smaller. Everything is the same from my perspective only some of are better than others at returning messages. Seems like everyone is just too scared to talk waiting for big bad Facebook to try and take their money too. affiliates are watching tho hope they don’t all stand there until we have no where left to go. I wonder whos next. RIP COPEAC RIP

        1. or incent i know who should be next if they do get in trouble for nothing hahaha email me if you need a suggestion or google adscend youll find them sucking traffic off their name hahaha

  2. allegations are definitely bunk

    should the president face penalties when anyone commits a crime that he doesnt know about?

  3. Millions of dollars in traffic and they didn’t know about it?!?!? Are you kidding me? Oh, they didnt tell us they were going to sue us… waaaahhhhh. Most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

    1. Luke, from what I understand:

      – They didn’t have anything to do with the traffic. They just provide a technology to lock content, such as books, people’s videos, etc.

      – The “millions of dollars of traffic” is an estimate by the AG of the total value of the company over a year, not on this specific instance. It could be as little as $5.00.

      The problem I see here is that adscend is only a technology provider, but i could be wrong.

      1. Their technology also contained offers from their network which is how the money was generated. The skins also had to be uploaded directly to adscned that made it look like a legit fb popup. I seen this exact scam myself back in Feb 2011, and they were basically linking you to adscend’s content locker. You can’t tell me adscend’s team wouldn’t notice the skins and the referring urls? Is it not their job to monitor for this very sort of thing? As someone said below, if they aren’t liable for what their affiliates promote, networks would go hog wild.

  4. Here is my issue. If ascend did nothing wrong, why would they have to divulge information about their publishers? If a Media company cannot be held liable for the promotions they allow to be ran, then every media company will go hog wild. On the other hand, if the publisher is promoting illegally – then ascends fraud team should still be involved.

    HOWEVER… what they’re doing isn’t illegal, so ascend should not have to hand over information about their publishers, NOR should they be volunteering it.

    Its a scare tactic for a large company to go after a single individual, and a small company is stuck in-between trying to comply because they’re afraid of ruin.

    If someone is making you money, and they’re not breaking the law, and you turn on them because some other company puts pressure on you… whats that say about you, aside from the fact that you need better lawyers.

    Ascend Media – Smarten Up

    Facebook – RLY?! Seriously? SMH/LOL


  5. Adscendmedia cant be touched , for the fact that , facebook and the AG never notified them. this case is too weak, it more of an argument not a full case. questions you need to ask – can facebook and the AG prove tis beyond reasonable doubt. Facebook will proly pull out and let the Ag take the wrap.

  6. they aren’t doing this to protect the consumer or pissed because the the spammers who supposedly used adscends tool took advantage of the facebook community nice story though. its not even about adscend obvious. they are reacting because the spammers messed with their $$ by jacking likes that effects their data mining services with false info which i hear they sell.

  7. respect my authoritah lol nah were st8 they paid stfu P im unfriending you rofl

  8. F FACEBOOK. They’re using their might and clout to widen the extent of CAN-SPAM beyond e-mail – something that CAN-SPAM never meant to do. BULLIES. Someone needs to stand up to them. Here’s one to vigorous defense by Adscend!

    1. That’s a very good point. While Adscend’s alleged behavior seems deplorable here, it seems as if they did not violate the letter of the law. What they did do, depending on what exact code they used and how they did their like-jacking though, is arguably violate Facebook’s terms of service as well as engage in hacking. So they didn’t even have to go the CAN-SPAM route with a lawsuit, it could have been a civil matter as well as a criminal matter without it. Between Facebook ads, various types of cross-promotions, the large list of companies at BuyFacebookFansReviews, and myriads of other decent options for Facebook promotions there should be no reason for Adscend to do this. But I disagree with Facebook going beyond the letter of the law here and applying laws to matters they’re not intended for. We see with everything that the government gets involved with that they overextend themselves continuously so this isn’t something that needs to be legislated IMO.

  9. My initials are BS how appropriate. If they can sue Adscend Media for Can Spam on likes lol which is not fully email if you compare the whole doc that is as I did with my attorney friend, other than electronic file of course. You cant say legally this applies, but this doesn’t. If it is determined that we can all pick and choose parts we want to abide by because they said so on anything, then Adscend Media should Sue the Poo out of Facebook for cyber bullying that seems to fit hehe. D-U-M-B!

  10. I think I have a legitimate opinion on this matter, since my company CPAlead is the one who invented content locking in the first place. In our early days, publishers used our tools to illegally spam and use various illegal marketing methods on Facebook unbeknownst to us. We had to respond by building a compliance and security team of 10 dedicated, full time employees to scour over referral links, and also build out many technological tools to identify these fraud tactics. While this did not catch 100% of the frauders, it caught the majority of them and showed how serious we were in combating this issue.

    Not soon after, we began receiving Cease and Desist letters from Facebook as well. We decided to comply with their requests to look into certain publisher ID’s they were tracking. This helped us identify frauders even faster. After this happened, the majority of these publishers moved to other copycat networks, such as Leadbolt, Adscend Media, Blam Ads, 007CPA, Dollarade, and about 9 other companies now. If any of these companies want to challenge these allegations, I could post hundreds of documented instances of this happening on their networks.

    One thing everyone should keep in mind as well. When Facebook sued MaxBounty, the California Federal Court changed the case law on the definition of what qualifies as Can-Spam. The court deemed that spamming on Social Networks through click/like jacking, and other methods falls underneath Can-Spam, which overturned a previous ruling in a MySpace lawsuit claiming the opposite. This was a huge victory for sites like Facebook, and a huge risk for networks like us.

    So all of you who think Facebook has no grounds to go after Adscend, or any of these other companies who are still very actively accepting Facebook fraud (again, we have proof), you are wrong. It is our job to constantly monitor the traffic sources of our competitors through analytics reports. Go look at those reports on some of the companies mentioned above, and you will mostly see their top referrers of traffic being Facebook. Coincidence? I think not.

    Also, if you ever happen to run into a scam yourself on Facebook on your wall or on a friends wall, you can easily track the source of monetization to one of the companies mentioned above as well by using a simple url redirect tracker like HTTPWatch.

    Lastly, there are so many of you in here acting like you have law degrees, with absolutely no knowledge of the evidence that Facebook has obtained on Adscend. This is further proven by the fact that the Attorney General of Washington is working in conjunction with them. Think about it, the AG of Washington is currently running for Governor. Do you think he’s going to take on a huge, high profile case that had a press conference along with a full blown presentation if he wasn’t absolutely sure he was going to win?

    Go do some research, and you will see that the Attorney General in Washington has a history of going after companies in our space, and they have won or settled successfully every single time (see Tatto and the IQ Quiz mobile scams). Also, no AG can take on a case unless they have at least a 99% chance of winning. Tax dollars cannot be wasted, or rival politicians will use it against them when running for re-election or higher office.

    Whatever Facebook and the AG has in their back pocket in regards to evidence will come to light soon enough I presume, and all of you who are fighting for Adscend are going to look rather uneducated. I highly suggest all of you take a ‘wait and see approach’ over the next 2 months to see how this pans out. You might just be extremely surprised, and this could change the entire game for these fly by night content lockers who have only 10-20% real traffic (if that).

    Pace, you recently did an article on 007CPA and their owner vehemently denies accepting Facebook fraud traffic. Well I happen to have IM conversations passed on to me from frauders who are talking to the owner, claiming to do exactly what you said he did. Hide these scammers from Facebook. That was the 100% sole reason for creating that network. In fact, he used to be a publisher of ours. We also have documented some of the biggest fraud publishers we terminated from our network long ago, actively running on their network.

    Finally, if these companies are so legit, they should be showing us their compliance and security teams and their methods for finding and preventing fraud. We have security documentation we share with all of our advertisers, and we also even provide advertisers and companies tools to alert us instantly if they find someone using our tools illegally. Adscend Media is owed by 2 guys, one who lives in Virginia in a trailer park, and one who was going to college in Austin. They have no office, and only 2 employees who worked from home doing affiliate management work. They have ZERO employees dedicated to compliance and fraud prevention. So how can a company prevent the massive levels of fraud and spam, without even investing the millions they are making into stopping it?

    Got a problem with what I’ve said here, email me:

    Otherwise, kick back and get your popcorn ready. Because this whole thing is about to get very interesting.

    1. In a remarkable case of the pot calling the kettle black, Robert Reynolds of CPALead attempts to besmirch Adscend’s reputation through innuendo, half-baked legal theories and misstatements of fact.

      While Adscend is constrained by pending litigation to fully respond to Mr. Reynolds defamatory statements, it can at least set some of the facts straight. Mr. Reynolds has no firsthand knowledge of how Adscend runs its business. Conveniently, Mr. Reynolds, who holds up CPALead as a paragon of virtue, fails to note that CPALead’s Chief Technology Officer was sued by Facebook based on conduct that is similar to the conduct alleged in the complaints against Adscend. In that case, CPALead’s CTO entered into a Final Judgment on Consent, which effectively constituted an admission of wrongdoing, and was required to pay Facebook a significant penalty. Similarly, many of the active scams currently reported on appear to be associated to CPALead.

      Mr. Reynolds points to the Washington attorney general’s lawsuit as proof of the soundness of Facebook’s claims. Apparently, Mr. Reynolds does not understand the facts or politics. First, the Washington AG’s success rate in CAN-SPAM cases is less than perfect. And, while the AG, who used to work for the law firm that is representing Facebook, is running for office, he well knows that cases that are commenced by a press conference garner far more media attention at the outset than in the ensuing months when defendants and claims are dismissed from the case and settlements favorable to the defendants are entered. Adscend fully expects that to happen here. Think about it. How often do state attorney generals or United States attorneys who publicize the fact that they are bringing a case, promote the fact that they lost a case.

      As Adscend’s publishers know, Adscend maintains strict compliance standards. When it learns of improper publisher conduct, Adscend takes appropriate measures, including terminating publishers. Over the years, a number of publishers who have chafed at Adscend’s compliance standards have informed Adscend that they are taking their business to CPALead.

      Finally, it appears that CPALead has resorted to sliming Adscend because CPALead no longer believes that it can fairly compete in the marketplace. CPALead apparently believes that it invented the content locking business. However, CPALead has not secured any intellectual property rights in its business methods. While there may be a number of reasons for this, such as incompetence, poor legal advice or because its business model is simply not patentable, the fact of the matter is that CPALead does not possess exclusive rights in its business model.

      While CPALead may fear competition, Adscend does not. Adscend believes that competition is a necessity that propels the industry towards growth and innovation — and ultimately increases value for advertisers, content owners/publishers, and end users through the advancement of current content monetization solutions. Adscend also believes that once it has an opportunity to present its case in a court of law, Mr. Reynolds statements (as well as Facebook’s and the Washington AG’s) will be proved to be fundamentally wrong.

  11. So if that is true Robert then I presume the little facebook points script you are running in the market place is 100% compliant? I also presume that heads aren’t shoved so far up a$$es that they didn’t release political promotions to show their suck up skills in action? Aren’t you the guy that was replaced by Adscend Media’s new CEO? Oh that’s right if you suck up they will come. Field of it. I think I speak on behalf of all networks in one way shape for form Lahooser. We are very excited to see you still stalking Adscend Media and articles about them in your usual form. Bravo sir at least you are consistent lol

  12. Thank u Abs something is wrong with your feed though Dave said he got like 5 messages. Wow so this is the piece of work I’ve been hearing about from everyone? Really do I even have to say anything that isn’t already obvious even to a stranger? Anyway, if you look at the quoted article in business week and a few other publications which I’m sure can provide you with a copy should you need reading material while you keep the seat warm, 3+ years ago Clickjacking was rampant through the social media networks. If you look at the reported tech cases the level it is at now compared to then has only increased. So, they sued an unethical company first got it, nothing changed, sued another oh look at the numbers now they went up, they sue Adscend Media oh look #s this week after having been charged are still on the rise. Wow really? So lets see a republican who is running for AG who is running for governor wants to appear on the side of consumers. Then as a comment I saw on a seattle publication, the consumers found out that their tax dollars are being wasted by such politicians since it’s apparent via statics that nothing has changed even after several frivelous lawsuits by not going after the true sources. If there were scammers taking advantage of Adscend Media I’m pretty sure they’ve ran already to the next network and then the next. So, is there a point where they stop wasting tax dollars and actually solve the case or is it just too profitable chasing down all the people from your I hate these people list go get them waaa waaa boo hoo. Get a life dude seriously. Paragraphs do not make a man, ethics morals and in this business a bit of professionalism which is apparent you have none of.

      1. Don’t even get me started P, it’s guys like this that give this industry a bad name. I could tell you stories that span the time. However, they are available at your discretion with a few simple searches.

        (This proves our point exactly. So, glad you decided to comply not that you had any other choice lol).
        “Not soon after, we began receiving Cease and Desist letters from Facebook as well. We decided to comply with their requests to look into certain publisher ID’s they were tracking. This helped us identify frauders even faster. After this happened, the majority of these publishers moved to other copycat networks”

        Wait who said Adscend Media wasn’t doing the same thing right now? Unless of course there’s something you want to tell us we don’t already know? lol make it good though because if it comes from you it must be over-sensationalized just so we know it’s really you HA

  13. No probs P seriously, also Adscend Media received 7th place from MThink the week prior. Must have been embarrassing to see someone you are supposedly better than ranked higher than you by experts in the industry, the same experts who you though were your friends just because they sent you an IM haha brilliant If that’s how we make friends I am a freaking phenomenon. Congrats on the unlucky #13. You deserve it 🙂

  14. Hey thanks bro. If the case does go through I promise you any one of our networks would be happy to welcome Adscend Media as a partner or whatever it may be to work with us. As business professionals we are all intelligent enough to know that the case will be won by the individuals with the most money and whoever gets the loudest with that money. That’s the way the legal game is played regardless of the industry or issue at hand. However, we will all stand behind them and assure you that your time has been in vain Mr Reynolds. So, at anytime you may tuck your head between your legs and go back to whence you came.

  15. Whence? Is that suppose to be Wence or wench? I have to look this up HA. Hit me up guys later, I have to work early.

  16. Actually Paul I think he said he invented Spam or something. Catch you guys later.

  17. Hey Pace lol sorry about that. Great article on MW3 btw. Most of the crap we have to read outside of PI today seems like experts trying to sound more like experts to the people they are talking over instead of the people they need to reach. Please people for the love of AbdulahBoolahBoolah please stop talking about what we already know just so you can listen to yourself talk. Performance Insider is like the freaking People magazine of the Affiliate Marketing world lately with some helpful tips we can actually use. That sounds like a PR spot, but true. Oh Oh Oh Paul I just got the l33twench joke sorry I’m slow lol wow I got pwn3d

  18. Pass this on Abigail…

    Paul is too busy playing WoW I am now his personal secretary and that POS better pay me lol. He says that
    if you look at search results like above that guy’s company was accused of the same thing and it even says in some article I guess that they encouraged it too somehow and also told this co. they had proof of them doing that. So, if SkunkFace has proof of Adscend Media too just like they said they did of those nuggets and they are still here running their mouth, then why would/should this be handled any differently? Especially if they sent their scum bag scammers to Adscend M and then were in contact with these scammers to obtain proof they “made it to the other side” lol Good question Paul. This vaguely makes me think of planet of the apes. (Waaa?) The calm before the storm…

  19. Fehz, I’ve tried time and time again to be cordial to you and reach out from one CEO to another, but you refused to talk to me or meet me. If you think I posted this message because we are somehow unable to compete, you are sorely mistaken. We are more profitable than ever and have expanded our operations several times over in the past year. And you know very well the numbers we did in 2011.

    There is plenty of business out there for healthy competition in our space, and I welcome it. It’s what drives us to do better and create new, innovative products. For example, I have a great relationship with Tom Dietzel who owns CPAWay and competes in our space. He even used to be a publisher of CPAlead. When you and Tom threw a party in New York, I stopped by to congratulate the both of you. You refused to even come meet me face to face. I respect companies in our space who pave new roads and invent real products. I do not respect the copycat, fly by night networks who give our industry a bad name.

    I understand a lot of you don’t like to see networks get sued by the Government or large powerful corporations like Facebook. But you either play by the rules, or an entity more powerful will come along and take you out. It’s just reality. Why stand up for companies like Adscend? It only leads more credence to the critics of our industry who seek to make us look illegitimate. Fraud is such a rampant issue in our industry, and we should all be working together to stop it and support our advertising partners.

    Abster, I was not replaced. I now head the board of our parent company. The person you speak of who chose to leave Adscend at his own will, obviously did so for a reason. I made him our CEO. He’s enjoying working for a winning team of brilliant professionals.

    I usually don’t stoop to even having these conversations, especially in a comments section. But I felt it necessary because of the potential implications this problem creates for our industry as a whole. There are real companies who want this fraud to stop, and prevent the bad press that keeps large Fortune 500 brands from spending more money with us.

    I applaud you Pace for staying neutral on this issue and also pointing out 007CPA. There are nearly a dozen more companies just like them making millions by scamming innocent Facebook users. This is a serious problem and we look forward to continuing being the leaders in fraud prevention technology.

    It’s time to clean house and grow up. This is all I have to say on this issue.

  20. Which one is Fehzan? I must have missed his post. Wow you are crazier dude than I heard you were. I guess I had to see it to believe it. Stalker! Wait until Paul and Brian see your paragraphs again hahahaha! LOL I’d call you a geek, but you’re not even that cool 😉

  21. Wait how do you end up successful and grow if Skunkbook accuses your company and is quoted to say they have proof of you guys having been the spammers sending the same spam reported? Same thing, same quote for Adscend M. Then you are admitting to sending your junkies to their network above! Sounds like a story is about to unravel… calm before the storm. I hope that guy you are talking about that is the new CEO is smart enough to tell you to just stfu before you kill your companies reputation entirely, not that it needs help (I’m suppose to pass that on too from Brian who said he’s working on an article with his team just for you lol).

  22. “But you either play by the rules, or an entity more powerful will come along and take you out. It’s just reality. Why stand up for companies like Adscend? It only leads more credence to the critics of our industry who seek to make us look illegitimate. Fraud is such a rampant issue in our industry, and we should all be working together to stop it and support our advertising partners.” (SOooo Why stand up for your company, when you were accused with a proof of the same thing?? hmmmmm?? We are taking a stand you were accused & they had proof mo fo so your crap is about to stink too if theirs does lol) Okay I’m told I have to do the calm before the storm face again by Paul. :X

  23. Really? I’m going to be professional here. So tell us oh great one. Why does Adscend Media not deserve a “first chance” to fix compliance issues after having been accused as your company also apparently had? Do they not deserve the same flexibility you were, concerning the very same issue, from the very same company and responding in the very same way “not aware”. Humor me, assuming Facebook is not as shady, what interest would it be to them to allow your company this bit of leniency that for some reason you “think” is not being offered to the Adscend group as well? Wouldn’t it be something if you find out that when they are done with your list, they are done with you too? We will all be there that day. I will catch you all on the flip at 11.

  24. Dang Paul you got soft lol and forgot an important part.
    They were accused of the same thing, but the report online says that that guy’s company also made facebook fan pages themselves their CTO or something and some other guy who works there, I don’t know Google it. They got accused of the same thing AND also of doing it themselves AND Facebook said they had proof of it ANDD his company peops who had the fan pages still said they weren’t aware LOL. Adscend M doesn’t even have an internal media team duh. I asked them to run our network offers on their non network sites hoping they had some that were not offered to their public affiliates because we all are realistic and know punks get through, hence Private Offers Double DUH!. Nope notta, they only had network affiliate traffic only. Which sux or I’d run a cr3p load through them right now just to show our support and the fact we know they do everything possible to comply. Oh did you guys get that publisher email from them today? ADSCEND MEDIA for president lol. I love Pace’s site I get to kick off my shoes and forget about paragraphs and people who have to use them to pretend to be professional. Good night! I’ll be back later.

    1. Paul & Abby, appreciate the comments, but since you are writing from the same IP, would rather you be one person and not two. It’s kinda getting creepy that you are debating yourself.

      Again, appreciate that you’re a fan of Performance Marketing Insider, but pick one persona and keep it 🙂

  25. Fine your no fun 😛 I will tell him to use his iPad next time. I still love you <3

  26. My apologies Bro I will add Abigail’s name going forward too. Eagle scout swear. Calm before the storm is retroactive.

  27. So I’m debating the same person under two different names using the same IP? Sounds legit.

    Paul, you do not know the facts of the case as to why Facebook and the AG felt that Adscend did not deserve any ‘second chances’? There could be a very good reason why, which you will probably just need to wait and see. This process takes time.

    Abby, our previous CTO was sued by Facebook, and the case was setlled by him and Facebook alone. There was no admission of guilt, and he is not allowed to speak about what happened. It had absolutely nothing to do with CPAlead, otherwise Facebook would have sued CPAlead. It happened in conjunction with the Maxbounty lawsuit. Also, he is no longer our CTO. It also didn’t prevent us from becoming the 40th fastest growing company in the US in Inc Magazine. Or the #1 fastest rated growing online advertising company in the US.

    The fact of the matter is, when everything is said and done and all evidence is tabled. The truth will be out there for everyone to see. Then all of this debating will be moot.

    The way that my company dealt with fraud was dramatically different than other companies. First, we built an actual Security and Compliance Team and invested a substantial amount of money into that department. We built more technological tools to help detect and prevent fraud. More than any other company in our industry.

    Also, do you remember the days when incentive traffic used to be looked at as the worst possible traffic? It was so rampant with fraud from GPT sites, that no network would touch it with a ten foot pole. We single handedly changed that perception by treating incentive traffic differently and treating fraud prevention seriously. Now, the industry is a multi-billion dollar per year business.

    Were publishers using our network at one point to fraud Facebook users? Yes. Were we prepared for it in the beginning? No. Did we adapt as fast as humanly possible and invest massive resources to stop it and change it? Yes. Did our competitors do the same thing? No. That is the massive difference between us, and the fly by night networks who think there are no consequences for not taking compliance seriously. We created a technology that we did not fully understand the various ways it could be used to monetize illegal content. We adapted very fast, and its the reason we are not on the chopping block like Adscend.

    We still battle fraud every single day. We still assist many other companies, advertisers, and networks in preventing fraud that they are not equipped to handle.

    So go ahead and post screen shots of publishers running fraud, go ahead and post things posted in the past when we were fighting our hardest to stop the fraud. Do research online and see that we terminated tens of thousands of accounts due to fraud. If we did not care or turned a blind eye to these actions, why are there hundreds of forums posts out there of frauders angrily claiming we ‘ripped them off’?

    Go into BlackHatWorld Forums and look up the posts by both Fehz and Jeremy from Adscend. Why would a legitimate network post in that forum and recruit publishers? You are not even allowed to say the word ‘CPALEAD’ there without it being censored or banned. Coincidence?

    From here on out, I will let the evidence and actions do my talking. You will see the truth soon enough and I won’t have to waste my time arguing with people who don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes.

    I look forward to showing the industry what a real content locking company can do, how we can prevent fraud for them, and how we can deliver the best results to our advertisers. I wish all of you luck and success, so long as you are playing by the same, legal rules as the rest of us.

    1. “It also didn’t prevent us from becoming the 40th fastest growing company in the US in Inc Magazine. Or the #1 fastest rated growing online advertising company in the US.”

      The phrase ‘blow your own trumpet’ comes to mind….

      It seems to me that you’ve left comments to tell everyone how great you think CPALead is rather than to discuss the actual events.

      Summary of Robert Reynolds’ Comments:

      50% – “CPALead is so amazing – no other business in the world can compare. We’ve never done anything wrong. We’re brilliant. We’re awesome.”

      50% – “Adscend are fraudsters. They suck. They’re the worst business going. They make a bad name for this area of business. We’re better. They suck. They’re rubbish.”

      Jeez man, give it a rest. Also BHW has many honest publishers. It’s a blackhat SEO forum not blackhat CPA. Don’t tarnish all members with the same brush. It’s like saying ‘all CPA networks are fraudsters’.

      Over and out.

  28. Good article.

    Also myself and the rest of my team will no longer be using the services of any of the companies that have been represented in these comments.

    that is all…

  29. @smalldickrob,

    I find it funny how cpalead lead claims all these allegations: “I think I have a legitimate opinion on this matter, since my company CPAlead is the one who invented content locking in the first place” – First off that’s wrong. “I do not respect the copycat, fly by night networks who give our industry a bad name” – That’s obvious you don’t respect anyone else. Your sitting here telling on everyone (like a little school kid caught red handed) because actually your the one to be focused on with your false allegations. Your the one who actually distributes these Facebook scripts, hacks, and viruses whatever you wanna call them FROM YOUR SITE.. It’s very odd I sit here in totally confusion. It’s your turn to be PUT ON BLAST. You should focus on yourself before focusing on others.. I believe that makes you a totally hypocrite 🙂

    Austin Powers

  30. It’s an absolute fact and guarantee that more than 95% of cpalead’s leads are being generated through Facebook, and definately not by legit means. This is also completely accepted and tolerated by cpalead itself (don’t even dare to deny that).

    This is why i find it insanely amusing a cpalead official comes to spit on Adscendmedia, what on EARTH is he thinking…? As good as every-single-publisher on cpalead (ab)uses facebook to generate leads, this is an absolute fact. Cpalead can never and never say they are unaware of this, as this is being discussed by cpalead’s own publishers in cpalead’s own chatbox every single second of the day..

    1. That’s a very good point – I remember first joining and seeing tons of members boasting (with the AM’s there in chat too) that they’re earning X amount with Facebook. In fact there seemed to only be about 2 people at most on chat that used other means.

      I think maybe we should have answers as to why Robert feels it is necessary to slag off other networks but acceptable for his network to allow publishers to promote on Facebook. Answers on a postcard.

      I was a publisher on CPALead but since seeing Robert’s ridiculous comments I will be moving all content lockers over to a different network immediately. Maybe Adscend just in support. I’m not using Facebook!

      I hope others realise how unprofessional those comments are.

    1. You realise EVERY network has promoted on BHW right?
      As said earlier by someone else as well, BHW is not full of fraudsters, don’t let the name decieve you, there are a ton of big volume publishers active on that forum.

  31. You’re right, Black Hat World is the perfect place to promote a legitimate affiliate network! lol! Good job Adscend for keep your network clean with Black Hat World affiliates!

    1. Ah, then according to you 99% of all cpa networks are bad, since they are all there in one way or another.

      But i guess reading is complicated for you, isn’t it Robert?

      1. There’s more to BHW than a few unethical affiliates. I’m a regular over at BHW yet I only do business 100% whitehat. As I said earlier – don’t tarnish us all with the same brush.

  32. Show me one forum that Jeremy had more posts in than Black Hat World. The evidence is all right in front of you that not only did Adscend have knowledge about FB activity on their network, they actively tried to recruit new members that engaged in unethical practices on Black Hat World.

    Jeremy Bash is a co-owner who activity sought Black Hat affiliates.
    Here’s the link again for proof just encase you missed it:

    You are really going to sit here and tell me that Black Hat World is for White Hat affiliates? That’s an extremely tough sell and I doubt anyone will buy it. That’s like saying a Brothel is only full of married men looking to have a few drinks.

    I am thankful Facebook and the Attorney General are wiping out this extremely unethical company.

    1. Black Hat World – Black Hat SEO Forum

      It’s not black hat CPA etc. In fact MMD has far more black hat activity going on than any other forum. Well, apart from Hack Forums.
      Just because there’s some members that try to cheat the system doesn’t mean all of us do.

      CPALead has Facebook products in their marketplace and I would say 90% of publishers are earning their money on Facebook. Why not criticize them?

  33. We put in our terms that we are not responsible for what people sell in the CPAlead marketplace. We constantly remove scripts and ebooks. Read our terms. It’s impossible to make sure that over 150,000 affiliates that list ebooks in our marketplace do not violate someone’s copyrights or terms of service, but we try our hardest with the resources we have. We provided our marketplace as a place for affiliates to sell their ebooks and ideas. If some chose to abuse it with scams, that’s unfortunate. It does not mean we allowed those scams to run on our network, as evidenced by the hundreds of posts online of scammers complaining that we terminated their accounts LONG ago. We are also the first and only network to give this marketplace feature to affiliates to improve their business.

    Also, our chat is a service that we gave our publishers to use so they could make more money by communicating with each other. Tell me what other network allowed their own affiliates to speak to one another? None. We did this to help our affiliates. This also provided complete transparency. This allowed publishers to compare payout rates and we also offered daily bonus payout bumps up to 25% (leaving us with no margin of profit). Again, if some used it to promote their own scam methods, they were dealt with accordingly or will be.

    We could easily remove these bonus features to 100% prevent frauders from posting scams, but that would only hurt our legitimate publishers who use our service the way it was intended.

    Also, to claim that ‘95%’ of our traffic is Facebook fraud is a blatant lie. But of course, how can I defend myself against claims that are unprovable? Can I list all 150,000 active accounts on CPAlead in this comments section? Does that mean that 140,000 accounts of CPAlead are frauding Facebook? Your claims are baseless.

    You are grasping for straws. Go to Black Hat World and type in CPALEAD. It will show up like this: ********

    Why? If Blackhatters and frauders loved us SO much, why are we not even allowed to be mentioned in their beloved forums? If so many CPA Networks truly post in there to recruit publishers, then they are just as shady as the rest of these companies who deserve to go out of business. How can you claim to be a legitimate company when you are actively pursuing users who are seeking methods to fraud our industry and advertisers?

    Our industry needs to clean up its act, and we are leading the way. I just hope more follow suit. It’s the only way this industry is going to get into actual market research and Fortune 500 branded offers that aren’t being ripped off by copyright/trademark violations.

    1. It’s not a lie. As the latest commenter said – the chat feature and marketplace is plastered with people using Facebook to promote and it has been for the past couple of years I’ve been with CPALead. There’s no denying it. I’ve seen your AM’s (granted not recently because I haven’t used the chat feature in a while) be in chat talking to people knowing full well they’re using Facebook.

      The reason it comes up as ******* is because so many people were content locking information and people got fed up of it. Same as sharecash.

      Saying everyone in BHW gets up to shady business is unfair. That’s like saying every CPA network is a scam and doesn’t pay. In the way you’re speaking everyone at BHW must act the same therefore all CPA networks must act the same.

      It’s an SEO forum and most conversations going on are about SEO techniques. There’s the odd CPA thread and it’s mostly newbies trying to make a few dollars a day.

  34. I’m a publisher at Cpalead myself and i’m not completely sure what mister robert reynolds is talking about.

    If Cpalead would ever stop allowing illegal Facebook traffic, Cpalead would simply stop existing as a bussiness, a good estimate would be that 99.9999999635% of their traffic comes from Facebook.

    It’s obviously totall bullshit that they say they cannot check every publisher, the entire chat and marketplace are all about Facebook and nothing else.

    Here is a very small sample of the cpalead marketplace, draw your own conclusions.

  35. “This allowed publishers to compare payout rates”

    Since when? If you ever speak about another network on the cpalead chat you are instantly banned, it even says so in your terms.

    Chatting about illegal clickjacking and likejacking on facebook however, all fine!

    These are facts, so please don’t come up with some long meaningless story trying to deny simple facts.