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New Report on Mobile games Advertising Released

Mobile games are a multi-billion dollar per year industry, and a big portion of that money is generated through advertising. Games often include ads as a way to generate income from their products, and sometimes even as a way to encourage players to buy the premium version of their game.

To help look into this very profitable ad option, Pocket Gamer has released a new report entitled, “Mobile Games Advertising Report 2018” in association with Mintegral. Mintegral is an ad platform focusing on programmatic and interactive advertising, which is driven through their AI systems.

The report looks at the growth of in-app advertising as well as app store spend over the past ten years. They also look at a variety of different ad types that are used to help show people which ones will likely perform the best for their app.

There are several case studies into this topic, including some that look at Gardenscapes studio and others that are successfully serving advertisements to players.

Any app developers, or those who are promoting apps, should look into this report as it provides some key insights not only into the past, but also the future of ads in mobile games.

The report can be found HERE.

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