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Korean Consumers Very Accepting of Ads for Free Content

89% said that they were happy to sit through advertisements if it meant the content was free of charge.

A recent report has been published by Korea Internet and Security Agency that looked at a variety of interesting information surrounding online information. The report was put together using information gathered from a survey that was responded to by 2000 people.

One of the most important things that this report looked at is how people wanted to compensate publishers for their content. 89% said that they were happy to sit through advertisements if it meant the content was free of charge. Just 11% disagreed and said they would rather pay for an ad-free experience.

This is actually a significant change from the same survey when it was conducted back in 2016. At that time, 23% of people said they would rather pay for the content than view ads.

In addition, the report asked what type of ads people liked and disliked. The most liked ads were search ads, getting 45.7% of the votes. This is not too surprising since search ads tend to be very targeted, and often actually increase the value of the page for users. The most disliked ads, with 22.7% of respondents, were floating advertisements.

Korea is a huge market for advertisers and publishers, so whether you do business in that region or not, the information gathered here can be very valuable. This trend of moving away from a willingness to pay for the removal of ads is quite interesting, and it will be helpful to see if that continues into the future.

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