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Predictions for $244.57 Billion Mobile Ad Market by 2022

A new report was recently released that looks into the mobile advertising market today, and what it is expected to reach in the coming years. The global market in 2016 was $105.36 billion, which is quite impressive. By 2022 (which is just 4 years away now!) it is expected to reach $244.57 billion. This is a very rapid growth rate of about 15% per year.

Most of this growth will be directed toward smartphones, but tablets will also see a lot of advancement. These types of ads can include text ads, video ads, and normal display ads. Even search ads are growing in popularity on mobile devices.

One of the biggest areas of growth, according to the report, is going to be in-app advertising. This is not surprising for most people since it has already been extremely successful. More and more people continue to use mobile apps, especially games, and advertising is a great way to fund their continued development and advancement.

The North American market is expected to have the highest share of the mobile ad market going through to 2022, and beyond. Other regions of the world are also expected to grow significantly, however, especially European and Asian markets. As some of the less traditional markets continue their smartphone adoption rates, they will also see significant growth, though they are starting out significantly behind and will likely remain lagging back for at least the next half decade.

This report offers a significant amount of additional information about mobile marketing around the world, and could be valuable to many brands and marketers. The report is a premium option, which can be purchased HERE for those who are interested in getting full access.

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