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New Wi-Fi Marketing Ad and Analytics Program Launching

ValueSetters Inc and Green Zebra Media have announced a new revenue agreement that allows them to launch a new joint project. The project is a guest Wi-Fi marketing ad manager as well as a data analytics program. With a growing number of businesses offering free guest Wi-Fi, having a way to monetize this type of service just makes sense.

Green Zebra will offer a service that will allow different businesses to market to mobile users who are already inside their stores, or at least close enough to connect to their Wi-Fi. For example, if a hotel has free Wi-Fi, they could give guests ads about different services that the hotel provides. Another good use for this would be for the hotel to allow local restaurants in the area to run ads, which would likely be very effective since hotel guests are likely to need a good restaurant.

Customers would have to agree to use seeing the ads in exchange for the Wi-Fi. It is also possible to require an email address, which will help businesses to build up their list, which is very valuable for longer term marketing.

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from this type of marketing agreement. The CEO of Green Zebra, Cole Smith, said, “We expect to see store results quickly, transitioning from a few retail cellular stores to a few thousand stores, with all stores benefiting from highly targeted local traffic.”

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