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Survey Finds Social is Essential for Sales

Social media has long been critical for driving traffic and brand building, but according to a new survey, it is leading to more sales than ever. Curalate completed their consumer survey titled, “Social Content is the New Storefront,” and put together some helpful information to guide marketers, especially during this upcoming holiday season.

The survey asked a lot of questions to determine what types of behaviors marketers will exhibit. The results found that 76% of consumers in the United States have made at least one purchase because they saw the product on the social media account of the brand.

When asked about what actions were taken when finding a product on a brand’s social media page, 44% said they bought it later online. 21% said they bought the product later in a physical store, 14% said that they have never bought a product that they saw on a social post, and 11% said they bought it immediately.

The survey also reports that 65% of consumers found that links found in social media posts brought them to products that they weren’t interested in. This is a good reminder that brands need to properly link ads to products, and to represent those products correctly.

78% of 18-34 year olds reported that they have found products that they wanted on Facebook in the last three months. 59% reported the same on both Pinterest and Instagram, and only 34% on Twitter. While it is on surprise that Facebook is the king here, it also illustrates the fact that having a presence on all social media sites can be very helpful.

While a brand’s social media pages are important, 50% of respondents to the survey said that user-generated (organic) content makes them more likely to buy than if they saw the content on just the brand’s channel.

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