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Sponsored Content is Read More on Mobile

New data that was recently published from Pressboard found that sponsored content is read longer by people who are on mobile devices. Those on a desktop look at content for an average of 71 seconds, but on a mobile device, that goes up to 79 seconds. While this isn’t a huge difference, it is just one more advantage of focusing on mobile traffic as a marketer.

The study looked at 1337 different pieces of content that was created by brands from North America. Some of the brands included VentureBeat, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Ford, and New York Magazine.

There were other interesting stats that came out of the report as well. For example, it found that when it comes to search and social media traffic, users for the main sites tend to be willing to scroll down about the same amount to find what they need. Specifically, this is 80% for Twitter, 78% on Facebook, 77% on Pinterest, 76% on LinkedIn, 75% for search. It drops some for Instagram, which is 65%, and direct links to a site, which is 64%. This is important information for marketers trying to determine where to send traffic.

When it comes to click through rate, branded content gets about 1.15%, which is about double what is seen for most display advertising in the US. This stat comes from Google. So, pushing branded content is often going to be well worth the effort by most marketers.

These types of ‘minor’ difference in stats can often add up to some significant benefits for most marketers. Of course, testing is going to be essential for anyone to get the best results in their specific situation.

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