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Innovative Outdoor Marketing Option for Digital Marketers Coming Soon?

Most readers here are primarily digital marketers and advertisers, which may mean that the thought of outdoor advertising (billboards, etc) isn’t on the front of your mind. This, however, may be changing soon. There is a new technology being tested in China that has large outdoor ad stations in busy areas. These ad displays are controlled by an app on a smartphone, and can be interacted with by those walking through the area.

This isn’t a billboard (though that could be implemented too at some point) but more like a large street sign. Areas with heavy foot traffic in big cities already have these types of things, but they display a static ad, or in some cases, a video ad.

There are many ways that this type of ad tech can work, and it has already been shown to be quite attractive to users. A mall, for example, could have these ad stations positioned in strategic places. Shoppers can interact with it via their app, and companies within the mall can advertise their best deals for the exact products consumers are looking for.

On street ad stations, a company could ‘sponsor’ an area, give directions to restaurants, or any number of things. To put it simply, this technology would bring interactive ads off the internet and on to a place where people are actively walking around (and looking to spend their money).

The advertising industry is changing in many ways. Keeping up with the latest trends is critical for long term success.

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Pesach Lattin

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