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Bad News: Facebook Ending Paid Video Program

Facebook currently pays about 300 different content creators, including celebrities and other popular web-shows, to create videos for people’s news feed. These can be either pre-recorded, or more commonly, Facebook live options. This program, however, will be ending by the end of the year or sometime in early 2018.

These have been popular on the social network, but given that so much video is being created organically now, it seems that Facebook no longer sees this incentive as necessary.

Another reason they are likely moving away from this program is because many of the publishers are stopping the production on their own.

Facebook’s program doesn’t pay as much as they could likely make just putting it all out on their own pages, at least for many of the most popular creators.

Facebook is also looking to move resources into the Facebook Watch program, which will focus on longer length videos and ‘tv’ like programs.

While this is a fairly small program, it does show that Facebook now believes that video, and especially live video, is popular enough on its own to no longer require the paid production of these services.

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Michael Levanduski

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