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Chief Marketers Worried About Brand Safety First

When chief marketing officers look at their digital marketing strategy, they are taking brand safety concerns very seriously. There are a number of potential safety problems with digital marketing including the risk of advertising on undesirable pages, having your ads go unseen, and ad fraud in general.

According to research from Outfit (a video adtech firm), 95% of CMOs have made significant changes to their overall digital strategy because of safety concerns. While there is obvious upside potential with digital marketing, there is also far more risk than what you would find with traditional marketing strategies.

They also found that 36% of CMOs have either reduced spending or entirely eliminated spend with companies that are unable to provide a guarantee of brand safety. 37% have also said that they are more actively engaged with this type of marketing rather than allowing those who report to them make the day to day decisions. 41% have even stated that they are looking at eliminating suppliers and taking all their digital advertising in-house.

The UK managing director at Teads, Justin Taylor, said, “2017 has been a wake up call for the whole digital advertising industry and it’s encouraging to see senior leaders taking this seriously. In order to get to the root of these issues we need to rally together as an industry to make sure transparency, brand safety and fraud-free environments are guaranteed at every level.”

While this survey focused on mid to large sized companies, the same strategy likely applies across the board. Taking a more hands on approach to digital marketing is looking to be a trend going into 2018.

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Michael Levanduski

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