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Australian Government Encouraging Citizens to Install Ad Blockers

For many marketers, ad blockers are a significant problem that has the potential to cost them a lot of money. While this type of software has existed in some form for many years, the ad blockers today are more advanced, and work on more devices than ever. This is why it is quite concerning to hear that governments are encouraging their people to install them.

Specifically, the Computer Emergency Response Team, which is a part of the Australian government, issued a warning to the citizens. The warning was specific to the ‘Kovter’ malware issue that has infected many ‘adult’ websites, but the solution they recommended was installing ad blockers.

The notice that they released said, “This malicious software is traditionally used in online advertising fraud to generate money by getting people to click on fake adverts.” The statement went on to say, “Consider using ad blockers in your web browser.”

On top of that, the Australian Department of Defense’s Signals directorate states that all government employees should install an ad blocker on their PCs to help prevent malware from infecting their systems.

Of course, much of the worry about ads and the push for ad blockers is driven by malware and the fact that so many sites don’t put much thought into where their ads are generated. For that, the marketing industry must take some responsibility and redouble efforts to solve that side of the equation. Most ads on most sites, however, are entirely legitimate, and having governments push this type of thing is quite worrisome to the future of the digital economy.

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Michael Levanduski

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