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Tweetstorm Feature Being Tested by Twitter

People have been getting around Twitter’s character limits by publishing ‘Tweetstorms’ for years. These are the series of Tweets that are all related and come one after another to share all the information the author wanted. While they weren’t endorsed by Twitter, there hasn’t been anything in place to stop them either.

According to recent reports from Twitter, they are testing features to actually make this process easier. This may come as a surprise to some since the big thing that sets Twitter apart from other sites is the character restrictions. If they put this in as an effective work around, it really just eliminates any real differentiators from any other social media site.

The feature was first noticed in app code back in September, though it wasn’t active yet. Recently pictures have been posted that show the feature in action, and it was confirmed by Twitter to be in production testing to see how it works.

To put it simply, the Twitterstorm feature just makes it possible to complete the process faster and easier within the app rather than having to either use a third party option or manually type out multiple Tweets.

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Pesach Lattin

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