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Native Videos from Facebook Get 530% MORE Comments

Quintly recently conducted a study that looked at how videos posted to and advertised on Facebook are seen, liked, and commented on. As any marketer knows, interactions with these videos are a good thing that help to build brand awareness and lead people to making purchases or taking other desired actions. In the study, 187,000 pages with 7.5 million posts were analyzed.

They found that 48% of the pages that they looked at had posted a video at least once between January and July of 2017. 92% of those who posted videos posted at least one native video (including live videos).  Only 26% of the pages, on the other hand, published YouTube videos. Videos from third tier sources like Vimeo and others were only found on 7% of pages.

What is even more impressive is that Facebook native videos were commented on 8 times more than those from YouTube, and they received 477% more shares! It is clear that users of Facebook greatly prefer the way the native videos look and function, which his important to remember as marketers.

Rather than, for example, uploading a video to YouTube and then sharing it on Facebook, it will be far more effective to upload it to YouTube, and upload it to Facebook. While it will take a few extra minutes up front, this study shows that it will perform much better over time.

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Pesach Lattin

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