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ALERT: FTC Releases Blog Post & Infographic on Affiliate Marketing

Anyone engaging in affiliate marketing needs to keep up to date with what the FTC is doing in regards to regulating this industry. In most cases, we have to read about FTC lawsuits and other actions they are taking only after the fact. Decrypting the information they put out there can often be very difficult, which results in many people inadvertently ‘crossing the line’ in the eyes of the FTC.

To help smooth out the process and educate both consumers and marketers, the FTC has recently released a new blog post and infographic all about what affiliate marketing is, and how it is used. While most of the information is directed toward consumers, it will be very helpful for marketers to read through it as well. This will provide important insights into what the FTC is doing, and how you can stay off their ‘naughty list’ this holiday season, and all year long.

The blog post and infographic from the FTC can be found by clicking HERE. It is a fairly brief post, which will only take a few minutes to read through.

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Pesach Lattin

Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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