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Convenient Payment Options are a Must for Online Retailers

When running an online business, it is critical to make it as easy as possible for visitors to go from browsing your products to making that final purchase. In many instances, the most time consuming step in the purchase process is actually checking out. Today’s online shoppers demand a streamline process that doesn’t require them to type in all their information every time they want to buy.

A recent survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research found that almost 95 million online shoppers have already saved their personal and payment information with at least one online retailer to make checkouts more convenient. This is 65% of those who shop online.

The survey also found that 10% of adult online shoppers always save their payment information with a merchant’s website so they can make future purchases more easily. 30% of them save this information sometimes, 25% only rarely save the information. The remaining 34% say they never save the info.

Matt Schultz is a senior industry analyst for and commented about the survey saying, “It is a way to judge loyalty. If someone chooses to store their card information on your site, they’re clearly making a commitment to you. They would almost certainly be more likely to buy from your site again than someone who didn’t store their info.”

With more and more people making online purchases via their smart phones, being able to quickly enter payment information is more important than ever. Many businesses use apps or services that use a phone’s camera to scan credit cards to help streamline the process. This is just one popular way to help make it easier for customers to make purchases online.

No matter what type of selling you do online, putting thought into making the checkout process easier can help you avoid ‘cart abandonment’ and improve your overall sales.

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