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AirBNB Looking to Boost Growth Through New Affiliate Program

AirBNB has recently announced that they are looking to grow their business by attracting affiliate partners to push their service. Unlike many other companies, AirBNB is being fairly exclusive on who they allow to do the promoting. Specifically, they only want their property listings embedded on high-traffic sites, which boast more than a million monthly views.

While this will exclude many popular travel blogs and other sites that could be perfect for this type of program, it will also help ensure that AirBNB doesn’t get exposed to the risk of unscrupulous marketers, which has been an issue for other companies in the past.

A spokesperson for AirBNB said, “AirBnb has always maintained affiliate relationships with partners around the world. In 2015 we ended some inactive partners, but have maintained others. The new landing page serves as simple, single place for potential partners to find the information they need to become an Airbnb affiliate and is available in all countries that Airbnb operates.”

Anyone who operates a high-traffic site that has visitors that enjoy traveling should check out this new page and see how AirBNB is making it easier and more lucrative to promote their listings.

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Pesach Lattin

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