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AerServ Providing New Native Advertising for in-App Mobile Video & Banner Ads

AerServ is an inventory and audience management technology firm that works to find open ad inventory, and fill it with good native ads. Native ads, which are formatted to appear like normal content on a site, are among the most effective forms of digital advertising available today. This type of advertising has typically been mostly in the format of articles or infographics, which visitors would view during their normal site browsing.

The company is now launching a new service called AerNative to bring native advertising to mobile devices in the form of both mobile video and banner ads. Using the new system, publishers can customize and serve up native ads to mobile app users. These ads can also be served up on mobile versions of websites. The formatting is configured and then automatically served up to visitors. Even the ads themselves can be chosen based on the context of the site they will be displayed on.

Josh Speyer, the CEO of AdServ said, “Multiple studies and reports have shown that consumers engage more with native ads within apps. With the AerServe’s platform we are able to provide native at scale without having to put a burden on programmers to integrate the ads into each new environment. We’re excited to launch AerNative. Native mobile ads –video and display – delivered via AerNative – will be integrated seamlessly into mobile apps and mobile websites.”

App developers and those with popular mobile websites will want to look into this system to see if adding native ads is a new revenue stream that could make sense.

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Michael Levanduski

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