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Sponsored Videos Views Up by 258% Since 2016

According to the latest report, “State of Online Video Report for Q2 of 2017” sponsored content is performing extremely well. This type of content, including video, is meant to help combat many types of ad fraud and ad blockers by functioning more like normal content, but of course it is paid for.

In most cases, brands will work closer with the publisher as well to help ensure that the people who are seeing the content are going to be interested in it, so they will want to view it.

The report found that on Facebook, branded or sponsored video viewers have increased by 258%. On YouTube, the same types of video views have gone up by 99%. This is all from June 2016 until the end of Q2 2017.

Marketers and brands seem to be very well aware of how successful this type of advertising can be. The number of sponsored videos that brands are uploading to Facebook has gone up by 311%.

Given how targeted marketers can make their videos now, it is really no surprise to see that it is becoming so popular. Targeting video ads like this not only gets more viewers to engage, but can also make it more difficult for bots and fake accounts to get views.

To see the full report from Tubular, you can click HERE.

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Michael Levanduski

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