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Facebook Negotiating Deal to Allow Users to Include Copyrighted Music in Videos

Every day, millions of people upload videos to Facebook. This includes personal videos, advertisements, funny compilations, and much much more. Many of these videos are set to music, or even just have music playing in the background. This has caused a lot of issues since Facebook does not have the rights to the songs that are being played, and in most cases, neither do the people uploading the video.

Music studios can and do file complaints, and Facebook will then have to take down the video, much to the disappointment of the users. Facebook has said that they are working on a way to automatically scan videos for copyrighted music and take it down automatically, but that is far from a good solution. Not only would that further upset users, but Facebook said that they are at least two years away from having that system in place.

In an effort to keep everyone happy, Facebook is reportedly offering music studios hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to have their songs playing on the videos uploaded to the social media page. If both Facebook and the music studios agree, this could be an excellent solution for everyone involved, especially the users who will no longer have to worry about having their videos removed for unintentionally violating copyright law.

At this point, Facebook has not released any of the details of any negotiations they are in, but sources close to the situation are reporting the above information.

The deal seems like it would be a good one for both Facebook and the music companies since it is currently causing a lot of work for both, and this will solve the problem with benefits to both parties.

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