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Facebook Allowing Advertisers to Measure Ads Against TV Campaigns

Facebook has recently announced that they will be providing advertisers with the option of comparing the effectiveness of a campaign with that of similar TV campaigns. This is used to determine how much an ad campaign will impact viewer’s awareness of the brand.  This new system is being called, “Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift.”

When fully running, this system will allow advertisers to see how much viewers remember a brand across the Facebook Audience Network, which includes Facebook and Instagram. This will also provide insights concerning the overall ‘brand lift’ by comparing it with TV ad information that will be provided by analytics firm iSpot.

The full system is planned to roll out to all advertisers sometime in the first quarter of 2018, but until then, there is an option for marketers to gain information from a brand-lift report that will be generated by combining and comparing information from Facebook and Nielsen. The TV info is called the Nielsen Total Brand Effect With Lift.

These types of services are primarily going to be beneficial to companies running larger scale ad campaigns. Determining whether Facebook ads or TV ads, for example, are going to provide a better overall return on investment is essential to many brands. In most cases, a combined approach is going to be ideal, but finding the right balance is essential.

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