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Addictive Mobility Acquired by Pelmorex for Undisclosed Sum

Addictive Mobility is a popular mobile ad tech firm that focuses on digital audience buying platforms. Their services analyze huge numbers of mobile device interactions, and use that information to improve ad targeting, personalization, and other things to help boost conversion rates. This has made them the target for a buyout from Pelmorex, which is a data and insights specialist based in Canada.

Pelmorex has purchased Addictive Mobility for an as yet undisclosed sum of money.

The two firms will combine to develop and deploy data-centric products for customers going forward.

The President and CEO of Pelmorex commented on the acquisition saying, “Today’s acquisition strengthens our position as a mobile advertising leader in Canada, enabling us to deliver more data and deeper insights to our Canadian marketing partners. We’re excited to leverage Addictive’s experience in targeting, creative development and media buying. Over the past seven years, the company’s end-to-end solutions have helped marketers better understand mobile data to plan, execute, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns.”

Congratulations on the acquisition, and good luck to all parties involved going forward.

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