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When are People Willing to Share Personal Information with Brands?

A new survey has been released from affilinet that looks at when consumers are willing to share their personal information with brands. The data was collected from 2043 adults in the UK in the spring of 2017. In the survey, they were asked, “Why do you allow brands to collect your personal data online for marketing purposes?”

The answers given were quite varied and offer a lot of insights that can be very valuable to marketers today. The most common answer (unfortunately) was that they do not allow brands to collect personal information. 41.9% of respondents answered in this way.

The next most common answer was that they would share their information as long as they got something in return. This answer was given by 22.2% of the people who responded, followed by only if they have been given the power to choose, which got 21.1%.

Other answers included if they know their data is safe (15.1%), if they receive advertisements that are relevant (11.9%), they trust the third party provider they are sharing with (9.9%), and simply that they like to share their data to help brands (8.1%).

Those who took the survey were also asked about why they would share their email address with a brand. The most common answers were as follows, I get discounts (33.3%), I get tailored offers and discounts (32.8%), I don’t share my email address with brands (32.3%), I receive tailored product recommendations (16.3%), I receive relevant ads (15.6%), and I feel obligated to share it (9.9%).

This type of information can be very valuable to marketers who are trying to gather important personal information from their potential customers.

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