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New Features from YouTube Make it Easy to Reuse Video Ads

YouTube is rolling out new features that will help marketers target and measure success with their video ads. Perhaps most importantly, they will also make it easier for brands to reuse video ads for multiple target audiences. This has the potential to not only improve ad targeting, but also making the ads more appealing.

The example they used was from Campbell’s soup. This company made a YouTube ad showing their soup with the tagline, “Does your cooking make prison food seem good?” This version of the ad was displayed to people who watched YouTube clips from the prison drama, ‘Orange is the New Black.’ The video was also made with the tag line, “Dinner for One?” and was displayed to people who had recently watched the music video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song.

In addition to being able to use one video for multiple markets, YouTube is also improving their Customer Affinity Audience options.  Rather than using common demographic information for targeting YouTube ads, the system will make it easier and more effective to pull information from things like Google Search history, map views, or app downloads.

For example, if a user had been searching for ski resorts, or if they downloaded an app for skiing from the Google Play store, YouTube will display an ad for winter apparel or skis, or something related. Making it easier to target ads in this way will improve the click through rates and overall purchase frequency.

Tara Walpert Levy, the VP of Agency and Media Solutions at Google, said, “It’s the layering of intent or intention on top of demographics that makes this powerful. Maybe It’s a Gen X woman, a millennial or an older man – who the heck knows – but the fact you know they have a passion for skiing means it’s much more likely that you’re connecting with them something they care about.

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