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Latest American Customer Satisfaction Index Report for E-Business Released

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has released their latest e-business report. In the report, they look at how Americans feel about a variety of different e-businesses, broken down by category. The categories that are looked at include information sites, social media, news, and search engines.

Overall, people have a reduced level of satisfaction with search engines, which dropped by 1.3 points. Microsoft’s Bing and MSN search options dropped the most significantly, losing 3% and 4% respectively. Google lost 2%. Only AOL (owned by Verizon) went up, and that was by just 1%.

Social media remained stable overall, though there was some movement within that category. LinkedIn remained the lowest rated site with a score of 65. Google+ shot up to 81 points, making it the highest rated social media platform, which will certainly come as a surprise to many. Pinterest went up by two points, putting them in second place at 78 points. Twitter shot up by five points, and even passed Facebook, which remained stable at 68.

The biggest losers for social media were YouTube (dropped 3 points to 74), and Wikipedia (lost 1 point, dropping to 71). The ‘All Others’ category went down from 79 to 73.

The report used survey data from 4978 respondents. You can see the full report on the ACSI website, HERE.

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