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Instant Articles No Longer Displaying in Facebook Messenger

A little over a year ago Facebook released their fast-loading Instant Article features for Facebook and Facebook messenger. The system was designed to help load up articles and other pages more quickly so that visitors could access the information they want extremely fast. The social network has just announced that they are removing this format from the Messenger app going forward.

The Facebook spokesperson commented about the move saying, “As we continue to refine and improve Instant Articles and in order to have the greatest impact on people and publishers, we are focusing our investment in Instant Articles in the Facebook core app and are no longer offering Instant Articles in Messenger.”

This move isn’t likely going to have a big impact on marketers since the Instant Articles feature hasn’t been used nearly as much as Facebook had hoped, but for those who do take advantage of it, it is important to know.

In the announcement, Facebook also confirmed that they will be working with some publishers later this year on a paid-content model, which could present some exciting opportunities.

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