Facebook Suspends Account for Criticizing Ted Cruz after Nazis Complain

In perhaps the strangest thing ever, my account on Facebook has been suspended for 30 days because of violating Facebook’s rules and regulations. The only problem is that I didn’t violate Facebook’s rules but was suspended for expressing political opinions about Ted Cruz.

Yes, “Ted Cruz caught watching porn is the best thing that’s happened this week” had my account suspended for 30 days for being so offensive that people couldn’t view it? Below is the message of the removal of the political message.

Why was it removed? It was featured in alt-right publication with neo-nazis who were instructed to “report it” as being offensive. Facebook didn’t actually review it but instead took at face value that my post was “offensive” and about porn, and thus needed to be removed.

This type of political censorship is unacceptable, and frankly disturbing. Facebook is still bowing to political pressure often of the right, and this is a perfect example.



  1. Ernie St. Gelais
  2. Nicki

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