Video Editor and Photo Slideshows Being Discontinued by YouTube

YouTube has announced that video creators will lose access to their Video Editor system and their Photo Slideshows option. These two services will be discontinued as of September 20, 2017. Neither of them were very popular, which is the reason that YouTube is ending them.

In the post where the announcement was made, they said, “We’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on other existing features.”

This shouldn’t be a huge deal for most people, but anyone who was still using the services will need to find an alternative option to take care of the work that it currently does.

YouTube did mention that any videos that were made or edited using either of these two services will not be effected. If you want to continue to remix or further edit videos that are currently being used by these tools, they should be downloaded so they can be further edited on other sites or services.

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