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Study: Get Improved Engagement from Smaller Email Lists

A new study published from GetResponse looked at more than two billion emails that were generated over the course of two months earlier this year.  In the report, Email Marketing Benchmarks, they showed some interesting findings. The emails were sent through their email marketing system and were sent from more than 126 different countries in 19 different industries.

In the report, they found that email lists with lower numbers of subscribers tend to have improved engagement. Lists with 1000-2499 contacts on them generated a very impressive open rate of 31.19%. Comparing this to large email lists that had more than a million contacts on them, which only had an open rate of 8.15%, it is easy to see the huge difference.

Even more impressive is the open rate of ‘triggered’ email messages, which came in at 56.67%. Triggered email messages are sent out based on the action of the viewer. For example, someone might participate in a webinar and then have an email sent to them for follow-up.

This report also looked at the benefits of personalizing subject lines, which can boost open rates in many cases. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the subject lines in the study were personalized in any way.

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Michael Levanduski

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