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New Six Second Video Ads Coming to Facebook

It was recently announced that Facebook is making more money than ever thanks largely to their mobile ads, but the company is not just going to let their existing system slide. According to recent reports, they are working to get new, six-second ads added to their lineup of available ad slots.

YouTube started the trend of six second ads last year with quite a bit of success. Fox Networks have also begun using this type of ad. So, Facebook may be a little late to the game with this particular type of ad, but it will undoubtedly be a successful option for them and one that many advertisers want to take advantage of.

Many companies like this short ad format because it is easier and more affordable to develop these very brief ads. Cutting the costs of ad production, as well as the cost per view of the ad itself, can have an excellent impact.

The six-second ads are actually quite popular with viewers as well since they don’t need to wait through a long ad, which often ends up getting skipped. Fox Networks actually makes these six second ads unskippable, which companies will like and most consumers really won’t have too much of a problem with it seems.

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