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New Case Study on Fighting Ad Fraud Released

A new case study has been released from Forensiq which is widely believed to be the best fraud prevention system, showing how to effectively fight ad fraud, and why it is worth the effort. They worked with Ubimo, which is a mobile DSP that works to drive mobile campaigns for their clients, to help them increase the effectiveness and transparency of their campaigns.

In the study Ubimo found it was possible to validate their own traffic quality for their customers. They also helped their algorithms ‘learn’ to optimize bids on advertising exchanges to produce higher quality ad placements with significantly lower rates of fraud.

The natural results were a greater return on investment for the clients, and a better service from Ubimo. Marketers can certain learn a lot from reading through the case study and seeing why investing the time and money into running campaigns with minimal fraud is well-worth the effort.

It also provides many insights into what can be done to fight fraud, which is a huge problem in the industry today, and has been for some time. As industry leaders in the fight against fraud, Forensiq is an ideal place to learn.

Madrivo Digital signed on with Forensiq in order to improve the quality of its clients’ online advertising campaigns with Forensiq’s post bid anti-fraud solution. This solution is an additional protection layer to the Protected Media tool that Madrivo has been using to monitor suspicious traffic since the beginning of the year. Both services help secure maximum return on investment for online advertising budgets.

You can see the study HERE.

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