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Millennials Don’t Care about Digital Security

Most people would expect the millennial generation to be digitally savvy, and they certainly are. When it comes to Internet security, they are likely the most informed and understanding of all the risks that are present when shopping online, conducting business, or even just surfing the net. According to a new study, however, it seems that they also don’t care about these risks.

Gallup conducted a survey about digital security and millennials and discovered that while they are more aware of potential security risks than the other generations, they are not concerned with them. In addition, they tend to trust businesses to keep their data safe more than other generations, despite the major corporations that have had their information hacked in the past few years.

In contrast to this trust given to companies by those in this younger generation, they don’t trust social media companies nearly as much as older individuals. They do, however, continue to use a variety of social media platforms on a daily basis, once against indicating that they look at the digital security risks as an acceptable ‘danger’ for the convenience of using the services.

There is a lot of information contained within the report from Gallup, which can be found HERE. Taking some time to read through it can offer marketers a lot of insights into how they need to be approaching the millennial generation online.

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