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Quality Sucks: Main Issue in Digital Marketing is Junk Media

The 2017 Global Insights report from DoubleVerify was released recently, and it provided some important insights into some of the struggles that the digital ad industry is facing. Among all the issues that they looked at, the biggest challenge appears to be media quality. Other top issues were things like digital ad fraud, viewability issues related to ads, brand safety, and more.

Wayne Gattinella, the CEO of DoubleVerify, commented on the report, “As demonstrated by the insights in this report, transparency around media quality is the key to unlocking global digital ad performance. Media transparency will become universal truth as marketers demand ubiquitous third-party measurement across all publishers, social sights and programmatic platforms. Without exception, advertisers must have the ability to measure the total quality of what’s delivered, regardless of platform.”

Another area of concern is fake news. While not the number one issue, it is certainly the fastest growing problem, and one that can seriously hurt the reputation of just about any brand. Ad networks like DoubleVerify see an unsurprising spike in spike in fake news issues when there are major political events occurring, and when unpredictable issues like disasters occur.

This has prompted them to block 85 million ads from being served up near news stories that are considered fake and/or inflammatory. This is a 250% spike since January of 2017.

In addition to having more fake news sites around, brands are becoming more aware of the issue. This means they are taking steps to proactively remove their ads from questionable or inflammatory sites, as we say with Brightbart in recent months.

While there are certainly challenges to overcome when it comes to digital ad performance, this type of report can provide excellent information that marketers and advertisers can use to ensure they are getting the best possible performance from their marketing budget.

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Michael Levanduski

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