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LinkedIn Now Allowing People to Upload Native Auto-Play Videos

LinkedIn is taking a step, which almost all other social media sites have taken long ago, to improve the video experience of its users (at least, that is the hope). They are starting to let some of their users upload videos that will auto-play when on the screen of visitors. In addition, they are going to be providing users new information about the people who view the videos.

Allowing native uploads will create some huge opportunities for many marketers who want to get their products or services in front of the business-focused audience. LinkedIn is not like any of the other social networks, however, so it is important to choose what videos are uploaded wisely. The average ‘click here for more cat videos’ type of thing isn’t going to be successful like it might on Facebook, for example.

The mobile LinkedIn app will also have a new video camera icon available so people can record original videos, or upload existing ones, quickly and easily.

Videos being uploaded are limited to 10 minutes in length, though LinkedIn recommends they range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes for best results. The videos can also be uploaded either in horizontal or vertical orientation.

When someone views a video you upload, LinkedIn will share quite a bit of information about that person, including what companies they work for, their job titles, and more. This could be a very powerful way to gather new insights into what type of people are looking at videos.

While not confirmed yet, many people also predict that LinkedIn will soon be allowing video ads to be purchased, which would naturally make it so marketers could just ‘sponsor’ an ad they uploaded natively to get it more views.

LinkedIn has always done a pretty good job of balancing their need to generate revenue with the desire of their userbase to keep the environment more professional. It appears they are walking that same path here with their new auto-play video roll out.

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