AWeber: How Not To Do Customer Service with Josh Smith

I normally don’t call out people about their horrible customer service, but here is a perfect example of an email marketing company, Aweber, where one of their employees decided to troll me a bit. After adding me on LinkedIn, he was upset that I then sent him an email asking about his business, what we do — and my company.  Because, that’s why people are added on LinkedIn, I heard: to do business, connect with people. I always assume those who connect with me aren’t doing for dating, and that they actually want to hear from me.

Well, this “Email Best Practices” manager not only pissed off a customer, but then claimed that me sending an email about my business to him (note, he wanted to be a business contact) was “invading” his home.  Worse, he then personally insults me without thinking, insulting not only a customer who may now cancel, but making himself sound like a complete douchebag.

His home was invaded because I sent him a hello email do to business? No.

However, this is the new attitude of millennials: they have a job, and you’re nothing to them because you’re nothing but a problem to them. In this case, my email asking to do business with him was a insult of sorts. Not that he actually has a “real job.” He’s the “Email Best Practices Manager” which basically means: I have no idea what I am doing, I sit around all day and annoy and troll people.



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