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Schaaf-PartnerCentric Employee Buys Company and Gets rid of the Schaaf

Not sure what this means exactly, but Stephanie Harris, the first employee of outsourced affiliate management company, Shaaf-PartnerCentric has bought the company. According to a press release, she has bought the company herself and is making huge changes at the company, getting rid of the the Schaaf.

The new name of the company will be PartnerCentric.

The story is that Stephanie Harris met Brook and Forrest Schaaf in 2006 at a Bar.  They had recently founded Schaaf Consulting, Inc. and needed to hire an experienced account manager, and found her. Since then she’s worked for the company for almost 11 years and one day seemingly decided to buy the company out.

Harris says, “I have lived and breathed this company since its beginnings almost 11 years ago. This company has meant so much to me and has formed so much of my life, as much as I have formed it. I cannot imagine being a part of a better organization and look forward to continuing our growth and evolution as PartnerCentric.”

This sounds like a real change in the company and signals a huge change in the outsourced management of affiliate companies: to be bought by an employee, and the founders leaving isn’t where most companies go: they usually look for a major purchase of another company, with more money. Maybe it was just time to give up the reigns, or maybe the industry is shrinking so fast they had no choice?



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