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Your Omni-Channel Strategies Need to be About More than Just Sales

In today’s marketplace, customers are shopping on their PC, tablet, smartphone, work computer, and yes, even in person at a store. This has driven marketers to develop an omni-channel strategy where they are able to use marketing strategies across devices to help drive increased sales.

These types of strategies have been very effective for many companies, and are able to bring in those initial sales quite well. Where they are lacking, however, is the post-sales steps to truly turn someone from a one-time customer to a customer for life.

According to a new study and white paper released from DeviceBits, omni-channel strategies really need to incorporate high quality customer service along with just the sales efforts. Today, once someone buys a product (regardless of which platform it was purchased through) the support or customer service for that product is either in-person, or through an 800 number of some sort.

Customers who have been surveyed are saying that they would like the same multi-option approach used for sales to also be used for customer service. Being able to get help via a live chat option on their PC, or through text support, for example, would greatly improve the product experience for many people.

JC Ramey, the CEO of DeviceBits, says, “The problem we still see for many brands is that they’re laser-focused on advancing their sales strategy, particularly in a multi-screen and omni-channel environment. However, it has been proven that the customer service experience can have a significant impact on customer retention, and future sales, and the lack of an omni-channel approach to solving customer inquiries will damage a brand’s ability to truly grow its customer base today.”

To see the full white paper, click HERE.

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