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Astoria Launches New Pay-Per-Call Solution for Advertisers

With the roll out of Astoria Company’s Pay Per Call one stop shop, Advertisers and Publishers can stop looking for the right place to spend their advertising dollars because is a certified home run.

Scott Thompson, CEO stated, “My decades of experience in online advertising has shown me that there is no one size fits all marketing model for every campaign. gives Advertisers and Publishers numerous options and filters, allowing them to target their ideal audience with pinpoint precision. Our call tracking technology measures ROI with Individual Number Tracking or Dynamic Number Assignment. We wanted to create one place where Advertisers and Publishers could handle all of their Pay Per Call needs, we achieved that with ”

Astoria’s Pay Per Call platform gives advertisers a wealth of targeting and tracking tools designed to make campaigns that scale. First, all calls are filtered through our IVR system in order to properly handle each individual call. This filtering helps differentiate between a sales or support call, helps geo-target, identifies mobile callers and offers SMS opt-in, and sets pricing and routing based on media channel (search, banner, mobile etc). The platform lets the Advertisers set call quality pricing guidelines so that the price you pay for calls is based on the quality of the call.

Publishers will be glad to see the comprehensive reporting and analytics interface. Here you can customize reports, see graphical representations of data, and download all information in a csv.file or using transactions download (REST API) for import and viewing through another dashboard or reporting tool. Publishers will also love to hear that online integration is a breeze with Astoria’s web integration code, ensuring Publishers receive proper commissions for calls.

The platform also offers Individual Number Tracking or Dynamic Number Assignment to better suit each unique campaign. Individual Number Tracking is ideal for high traffic, high cost keywords and ad groups. It allows you to instantly activate phone number and include promo numbers in search and ad copy. Dynamic Number Assignment is ideal for larger Pay-Per-Click keyword portfolios. Here phone number are auto assigned to an individual search engine, keyword, and match type combination. You can also track call-based revenue generated by organic (SEO) traffic as well as paid search.

Astoria Company has multiple ways of preventing fraud including all quality pricing, payout reversal, repeat caller detection, call recording, and the options to suspend Publishers and individual call promotion shut downs. These fraud prevention measures further solidify Astoria Company as the beacon of trust and integrity in Pay Per Call advertising.

Astoria owns a proprietary lead exchange platform for many B2C verticals which process over 50 million web and mobile leads per month as well as 200+ pay per call lead generation campaigns. In addition, Astoria powers websites for Domain Investors who care about maximizing profits and creating a successful online presence, going way beyond traditionally parked domains. Coming soon will be the launch of which is intended to disrupt and redefine the very definition of domain parking. Astoria Company was recently recognized as one of The Top 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year by the Silicon Review.

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