New Search Options for Stories on Snapchat

In an obvious effort to keep people on their platform longer, Snapchat has recently updated their search function to help people discover more stories based on their searches.  The updated function will allow keyword searches for finding collections of Snaps that took place over a day (stories).

For the moment, this new feature is only being rolled out to certain cities, which they have not yet named, as a test. Assuming everything goes smoothly, Snapchat will roll out the option to the rest of their users.

In addition to helping people find the stories that they may be interested in, Snapchat will hope that this encourages more people to make and publish stories on their platform.

The social network has been doing great on the stock market, and growing in popularity in general, so it is good to see that they are not letting their success cause them to get lazy in releasing new features.

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