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Study Shows Editorial Stream Ads Far More Effective than Search & Social

A recent study that was published by Kargo, a mobile brand agency, in partnership with Nielsen, found that when it comes to digital advertising, it is hard to beat placement within premium editorial content. They compared a variety of different types of ads in several locations to determine which ones were best. For the study, each participant was given 10 minutes of time to view content in each environment with instructions to simply consume the content as they normally would. Eye tracking was used, along with surveys conducted after the study to measure ad recall.

The results found that in when looking at mobile ads, 96% of them were completely visible when looking at editorial content, compared to just 79% of them that were on social feeds. Even more significantly, ads on editorial pages were fully visible for an impressive 44 seconds. Compare that to 6 seconds on search ads and 3 seconds on social and it is easy to see why brands would benefit greatly from this option.

Where banner ads and traditional landing pages may fail to gain an audience member’s attention, sponsored stories will coincide more with the current consumption pattern of readers when they are in discovery mode.

That means they will be more likely to click and read your content when hosted on an authority site or premium publisher page that runs native advertisements. Because that content is linked from a credible and trustworthy news source, you can expect higher click-through rates (CTRs) and on-page engagement.

In the study release the author said, “These premium [editorial] environments prove to deliver not only longer visibility times, but also the greatest efficiency when it comes to recall. It takes consumers less view time to remember the ads delivered in editorial than it does in social or search.”

The study also provided commentary on brand perceptions, saying, “Brands that advertise in editorial environments are perceived as reliable, high quality, intelligent, and trustworthy. Meanwhile, brands advertising in social are associated with being fun, youthful and cool.”

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Michael Levanduski

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